Anti-Virus software

  geedad 09:17 11 Jun 2007

I am a subscriber to Ntlworld ( now Virgin ), and they include an Anti-Virus in their service.
However, I also have Windows Defender installed, and it seems to slow down the start of the Ntl one by informing me in the comment boxes that I need to "click here to safeguard my PC from threats."
Is it necessary to have Windows Defender installed if I already have an anti-virus supplied by NTL?

  birdface 09:44 11 Jun 2007

I think Windows defender is actually a Spyware program.You don't need it and you can delete it.But I would get something to replace it ,a squared or Avg Anti-Spyware Or you may have some spyware programs already installed on your computer,I deleted it about 6 months ago,It had a lot of bad publicity,But I understand that it is getting better,But not for me,I hope that I am right with it only being a spyware malware program .if I am wrong someone will soon let us know.

  keef66 10:53 11 Jun 2007

I never bothered with the NTL antivirus product or Windows Defender since I already had AVG antivirus and spyware / malware progs running.

Not a good idea having 2 antivirus products running at the same time; they tend to fight each other and slow the pc to a crawl

  keef66 11:02 11 Jun 2007

buteman is correct, defender is an antispyware product. What's the name of the NTL thing? Is it definitely antivirus or could it be that you have 2 spyware progs fighting?

Do you have any other antivirus running??

  birdface 14:05 11 Jun 2007

I am also with NTL but use Avg Anti-Virus + Spyware.Along with A Squared, McAfee Site Advisor, and WinPatrol ,Oops ,and SpywareBlaster.

  geedad 15:20 11 Jun 2007

The name of the NTL product is PCguard. Anti-Virus,Pop-up blocker, Form filler,Privacy Manager, Parental Control,Anti-Spyware and Firewall.
Do you think I could uninstal Defender and leave Ntl on?
I use Ad-Aware, which I think is very good, and Spy-Bot.
That's my setup. What do you think?

  birdface 16:06 11 Jun 2007

You don't need Windows defender.I don't remember if it has it's own delete button on it ,But if not just use add remove and run C Cleaner after you have deleted it,I would also recommend that you download SpywareBlaster,McAfee Site Advisor,and WinPatrol. click here click here Please note The McAfee site advisor on click here is for Firefox and if using I/Explorer you would have to download the proper one for that.All Free.

  geedad 22:36 11 Jun 2007

Thanks a lot.
I will knock Defender on the head, and try your other recommendations.
Wonderful Forum!

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