anti virus renewal

  rosie 09:44 17 Oct 2006

I've now only 29 days on my Norton 2003 Anti Virus software. When I try to take up the renewal option, I receive a message telling me this is not available in my area and to find a local distributor. Even when I try to upgrade to 2007 version I get the same message. How do I find a local distributor? And why have Norton changed the system I've used for a long time?

  johnnyrocker 10:00 17 Oct 2006

save money and use a freebie such as avg, machine will prob be faster too.


  spuds 10:43 17 Oct 2006

Would seem to suggest that they want you to visit somewhere like PC World, and buy a new 2006 copy of the software.

Why buy, when there are many well recommended easy to download freeware programs available. AVG click here and Avast click here being but two of them!.

Would mention that I made a similar suggestion the other day, to a lady in PCW who ignored my suggestion, and paid out approx £50/£60 on security/protection software, "because Norton and McAfee are the best".

  birdface 10:51 17 Oct 2006

Rosie.No Idea why it Wont let you re-new.But for a few £ more,You can get Norton Security 2007, That also covers anti-virus + Firewall, To me a better deal.If you go to your home page,Then Address bar, And type in, Norton Internet Security, Scroll down to you get one at a fair price,Noticed 1 there at £35.00 Inc Vat, Normal price is £49. Pay.s to shop arround,Or if you don't want to spend that amount ,Go for one of the freebie's,A lot of folk go for AVG, I use that one myself,But if you prefer Norton, Shop around for the best deal.

  birdface 10:52 17 Oct 2006

Should have said, Type in Norton Internet Security 2007.

  brundle 10:56 17 Oct 2006

£30 retail here click here

  rawprawn 14:51 17 Oct 2006

F-Secure Security Suite is my suggetion, I have had it almost 12 months now and I am delighted with it. It updates itself every hour and has so far let nothing in. ait is easy to use and if you bank with Barclays Online (it was their recomendation to me) you can get it heavily discpounted.
click here

  Jimmy14 15:01 17 Oct 2006

pointless comment which doesn't help anyone I must add.
rosie, this is a very helpful part of symantecs site were you select what current version of norton you have (2003 in your case) and it will tell you what available upgrades you can get and prices,
click here


  johnnyrocker 15:35 17 Oct 2006

i fail to see what was pointless about my posting, it is a known fact that norton is resource hungry and can slow machines down


  Jimmy14 15:39 17 Oct 2006

I wouldn't go as far as a fact but as it's your opinion that's fine. If your comment was not pointless then give me one reason why your post would help the user? It was clear she wanted to renew Norton but couldn't get into the renewal center and you're telling her to scrap it? I'll be waiting.

  johnnyrocker 15:45 17 Oct 2006

i fail to see the point of paying out when there are perfectly good free av about as indicated in a like manner by the poster after me, norton resource hunger has been a well publicised posting previously.


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