Anti Virus but no internet connection

  Liteman 08:11 03 Mar 2012

At my local camera club we have a PC which has no connection to the internet; however there are many occasions when we have to use USB memory sticks or CDs from club members or visiting speakers which leaves us open to attack by viruses which has inevitably happened this week. The major problem we have found in not having an internet connection is that we cannot update our Antivirus, AVG, without someone taking the PC home and connecting to their internet, needless to say this doesn’t get done. Is there an Antivirus programme available that doesn’t need an internet connection to load/run but that allows updates to be made by someone getting the updates on their PC and transferring them to ours by memory stick? I’m not necessarily looking for a freebie, we don’t mind paying (did I really just say that?).

  rdave13 08:30 03 Mar 2012

A quick search found this,

It costs and I've never used it so can't recommend or otherwise.

  Liteman 08:50 03 Mar 2012

Thanks rdave 13, I have emailed them and fully explained our situation and asked if and how their product would work in our situation. Will keep you posted.

  rdave13 09:11 03 Mar 2012

Look forward to hearing if they're any good. More info for the site,

  Secret-Squirrel 09:12 03 Mar 2012

*"The major problem we have found in not having an internet connection is that we cannot update our Antivirus, AVG, without someone taking the PC home and connecting to their internet................."

Lightman, there may be a solution to your problem and that's for someone to download the updates using their own connection, save them to a USB memory stick, and update AVG using those saved files - here's how:

1) If you're using AVG Free then you'll find the updates here. The ones you need are the "Virus definitions" and "Definitions for Identity Protection".

2) Save the two files to a memory stick.

3) On the camera club's PC, open AVG, click the "Tools" menu and choose "Update from Directory". Pint AVG to the folder on the memory stick where the updates are held.

I've never tried this myself but it should work. Note that the update files are on the large side but they shouldn't take too long to download for someone with a fast Internet connection.

Let us know how you get on.

  Taff™ 09:19 03 Mar 2012

Avast offer a similar method of downloading the updates. Avast Manual update download I am sure that most other well known anti-virus companies do as well. I have used this method to sort out infected machines where a virus has denied that machine normal access to the internet.

  Quickbeam 09:22 03 Mar 2012

Have the club buy a mobile broadband dongle, it'll cost very little to run per year if you only use it for those updates. And your likely to find that you'll use it for club emailing as well which I would assume would be much more convenient anyway to be able to communicate club business from the club premisses.

  robin_x 10:32 03 Mar 2012

Are there any BT Openzone/BT FON hotspots in range of the club PC? If any of your members have BT as ISP at home, I think it's free to log on to the web that way when out and about. They'll need to be willing I suppose, and you would need a USB WiFi dongle.

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