Anti Virus & firewalls?

  loopyloo 14:00 29 May 2008

I am having a lot of trouble with anti virus and firewall problems. I was using Avg anti virus and Zonealarm pro but when I've updated the AVG free version my computer keeps freezing at start up. I've tried the latest version of Comodo with AVG free and I have problems with that. I am thinking of buying a security package and would like to know which is the best because obviously all these other programs are not compatible with each other.

  TheAtheist 15:15 29 May 2008

It's odd that AVG and ZoneAlarm won't play together as I used to run these two quite happily.

I now use AntiVirus Free and Firewall Plus Free from click here

As both of these are from the same software company they compliment each other nicely. As a secondary measure also download ThreatFire from them too as this covers you from 'Zero Day' attacks.

  mrwoowoo 15:19 29 May 2008

If you connect to the internet with a router,it will have a firewall built in.This,combined with your xp/vista firewall is perfectly adequate.
Therefore you can ditch Zonealarm and just have Avg anti virus/spyware running.

  tullie 15:43 29 May 2008

To be honest,i wouldent advise anyone to rely on the XP Firewall,others may disagree.

  Pine Man 15:55 29 May 2008

I agree. XP is only a one-way firewall and Vista is only two-way if set up correctly.

  crosstrainer 16:02 29 May 2008

Are you using AVG 8? This works fine with Zonealarm, but 7.5 has issues. There is a free version of AVG8 available on their web site (although you do have to scroll down the page and look for the tiny link)

I'm running them on a Vista Ultimate rig without problems. Also use PC Tools Spyware Doctor which works fine too.

mrwoowoo, need your help, check out Crysis post in SPeakers Corner :)

Sorry for quick hijack loopyloo :)

  Guardianangel 17:32 29 May 2008

I rely on the XP firewall and it is now two-way since SP3, or so it said.

  skidzy 18:39 29 May 2008

I maybe incorrect on this but i believe xp sp3 firewall is still only one way protection as opposed to Vista's two way (once the rules have been applied).

Some light reading that basically confirms this click here


I would guess something has a conflict,make sure you uninstall your current av and clean up before installing another.
Plenty of advice click here

  mrwoowoo 18:55 29 May 2008

I advised the use of the windows firewall only in conjunction with a router firewall.
Perfectly adequate in my opinion.

  loopyloo 21:39 29 May 2008

Many thanks for the advice. I will try some of the programs stated.

  Guardianangel 17:43 30 May 2008

Thanks for the info. I thought I'd read somewhere that it now included outbound filtering but that must have been referring to Vista.

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