Anti-virus cover for non-networked pc's

  djo 13:07 05 Feb 2008

My company has pc-driven pieces of equipment that get placed at external customer sites for demonstrations (and ultimately for sale!). Currently these pc's have never been networked. Ideally we would offer different setup configurations ranging from non-networked to fully networked. What is the best way to protect these machines from viruses? Is it possible to install anti-virus package from CD then download virus updates on a networked PC so that these can then be loaded onto the non-networked pc? I have been advised to go for Mcafee and have been given the code SAVCDE-AA-AA -this appears to be a license number - do you have to buy the software in addition? Mcafee weren't terribly helpful when I asked them about how to go about doing this. Any advice on how best to proceed and/or places to purchase from will be gratefully received.

  Bagsey 16:45 05 Feb 2008

First question.
If these computers are not on the internet where are you expecting to pick up any virus infection?
Why pay for antivirus when very good protection can be had for nothing. Try Grisoft AVG7.Which is free.
Mcafee is a paid for pain in the butt.As you have already found they are not the most helpfull company.
I really dont understand what your problem is if you are not connected to a likely source of virus infection then you should not pick up any nasties.

  interzone55 17:07 05 Feb 2008

As Bagsey says, if the PCs are not on the internet there is very little chance of virus infection. Viruses have been known to travel via USB sticks, but it's quite rare.

On the subject of AV programs though, check the licences for free applications, because you may not be able to use them on company PCs.

  Woolwell 17:26 05 Feb 2008

I don't think that the free anti-virus software is available to companies and is intended for home use only. To echo alan14 the licences need to be read carefully.
There are several anti-virus companies that provide multiple licences. You may need to run the CD on each PC and each one will pick up the updates automatically. For our office network of 3 (which is a very small number) we currently run Kaspersky.

  Belatucadrus 17:45 05 Feb 2008

The only anti virus programs that can legally be used in a corporate environment are Comodo click here and ClamWin click here the first one's a nice product, but still a beta and the second is opensource, but will require plugins to check e-mail.
Woolwell is correct, the other freebies are licensed very specifically to non profit users and installing multiple copies on company PCs would open you to prosecution by FAST click here .

  Belatucadrus 17:46 05 Feb 2008

Should read :-

"The only FREE anti virus programs that can legally be used"

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