Anti Virus advice needed

  thumbscrew 23:53 08 Nov 2008

I've got 25 days left on my Bullguard Anti-Virus and Firewall, I've had for three years. Renewal for one year is £44.00. To be fair I've not been permanently infected in that time.Before I had Bullguard I had Avast and found that pretty impressive. I'm toying with the idea of going for freebies, Comodo sounds ok but I can't be doing with constant interruptions and it means installing a separate anti virus...possibly more hassle and Bullguard has them combined and is pretty hassle-free. I'd appreciate anyone's opinion especially current Bullguard users.

  rdave13 00:24 09 Nov 2008

Hmmm. Used Comodo firewall (free) since they began supplying free security products. Tried AVG AV years ago and didn't like it and went to Avast! home edition that's been upgraded to the modern times and is still being updated and keeps me out of trouble. No doubt that common sense while surfing adds a whole new dimension of not getting viruses or malware but that's by the by and true of paying for security suits or not.
So personally, as a user of a home PC, I think you've been wasting a lot of money over the years.
Entirely up to you, as only you know your surfing habits.
Remember, though, that no amount of paid for or non paid for security will keep you safe if you inadvertently or knowingly allow malware on your PC through clever marketing.

  thumbscrew 00:50 09 Nov 2008

Great response...wise words indeed, thanks rdave.

  Belatucadrus 00:55 09 Nov 2008

Not any more it doesn't, Comodo now do a free Firewall & Antivirus Suite called "COMODO
Internet Security" click here
I'm running it on a laptop and really like it, very low footprint and easy to use. Not yet ICSA or VirusBulletin tested though.
There's a user guide in pdf format on the support page click here if you want a look.

  rdave13 01:19 09 Nov 2008

That's fine but getting dangerously close to a security suit. On XP using version 2 of Comodo firewall. Dropped it completely on Vista.
Think they are going 'over the top' and will eventually end up with a 'Nortonish' reputation.
Still; hope you fare well with them.

  Belatucadrus 11:15 09 Nov 2008

Like I said, "very low footprint" an un Nortonish characteristic that I hope it retains and as the combined package was what thumbscrew is looking for worthy of mention, even if as a brand new product it has no real track record to establish a reputation .

  thumbscrew 11:25 09 Nov 2008

Thanks Belatucadrus, off to work now, I'll investigate that when I return tonight. Am I right in thinking it's rather a best kept secret...never heard of it or seen it reviewed?
Ome thing about Bullguard it bothers you relatively infrequently. Reading about the Comodo firewall it seems quite that your experience with the Suite?

  Belatucadrus 13:05 09 Nov 2008

Comodo have been testing a beta antivirus for a year or so, I've been using it for some time but while happy with it have always been cagey about recommending it because of its Beta status and lack of independent reviews. It was finally replaced with the official release product, the brand spanking new "COMODO Internet Security" a week or two ago, hopefully this time it'll get some reviewers to back it up and some test organizations to throw some nasties at it to see how it copes.

  RobCharles1981 14:21 09 Nov 2008
  thumbscrew 22:04 09 Nov 2008

Thanks Rob...very helpful.

  woodchip 22:10 09 Nov 2008

I use Free Avast on four home computers. No problems at all does all I need click here

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