Anti virus

  acceptmyname 16:30 11 Sep 2008

I downloaded AVG for free but it is now telling m it is out of date, could anybody please tell me what the best anti virus is and can i get it for free or do i need to buy

Thanks in advance

  User-1229748 16:37 11 Sep 2008
  provider 2 16:41 11 Sep 2008

Avast! click here

Not sure about the paid ones, though, which some people say are better.

  Clapton is God 16:46 11 Sep 2008

"it is now telling m it is out of date"

What is out of date - the program itself or the AV definitions?

If the program, you clearly didn't download the FREE version.

If the definitions, you need to update them

  acceptmyname 17:10 11 Sep 2008

it was the program itself and i did download the free one because I know for sure I did not pay for it lol.

Thanks anyway but smackheadz link solved all my internet security needs tanks dude and to skidzy who posted the free links.

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