Anti Virus

  muffin1947 11:57 09 Apr 2007

At present I use the following AVG 7.5 Spy Bot and Adaware.I also use Sygate personal firewall Pro.Does anyone think this ok or have I got too many programmes.I have also got Mcafee System Protection although this is not installed.Anyone got any thoughts.

  Belatucadrus 12:40 09 Apr 2007

Seems plenty to me, have you set Spybot innoculation and tea timer ?

  RobCharles1981 12:42 09 Apr 2007

Id Say you need

Spyware Terminator
Spyware Blaster.

  mocha 12:45 09 Apr 2007

I think that is a balanced choice you have made, 1 Anti Virus prog. 1 Firewall. and 2 AntiSpyWare products, best using 2 Antispyware progs. I have used all of the above product's and have found them all to be good tools. Personally I do a full check up with all my security progs. once a month. Remember to update their definition (both SpyWare progs.) before you do a system scan.

  muffin1947 18:06 09 Apr 2007

thanks belatucadrus

How do I set spybot innoculation& tea timer


  Belatucadrus 22:19 09 Apr 2007

click here

click here

Looks as if you may need to set to Advanced mode to access the controls.

  skidzy 22:35 09 Apr 2007

Some basic advice here click here

But as above you have a good balance if updated regurlarly and run every couple of weeks.

Again as above,but do add Spywareterminator..this offers 100% realtime protection.

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