Anti virus

  metabolee 21:20 12 Feb 2007

Do you have to pay yearly for your anti virus software after purchasing it or can you just keep buying new software every year? Whats the best way to go buy or renew subscription???

  Jackcoms 21:23 12 Feb 2007

Why pay for ANY anti-virus software? click here click here

  p;3 22:19 12 Feb 2007

some are of the view that if you pay for an AV program it will be of superior quality and work far better than a free program

provided you have a preferably free av program ( I am with avg) and update it daily, and also have additional protection with for instance, adaware, sybot, a squared etc. ( all also free) then you should be OK assuming you surf safely and avoid downloading dodgy emails etc

( lecture over!!)

  Totally-braindead 22:51 12 Feb 2007

If you have a paid for Anti virus then yes you do have to pay after the first year.
The advantage of buying the new program a year on is you might get a newer program, not always as sometimes the normal updates give you the newer program as well, the advantage of paying a subscription for another year and sticking with what you have is it is cheaper than buying the whole program again.

  metabolee 22:58 12 Feb 2007

its sounds like a scam to me no one told me when i bought 'by the way it only last a year' so its a subscription i suppose..ty

  Totally-braindead 23:07 12 Feb 2007

Its not a scam metabolee. I appreciate you say didn't know this but its common, if you instaled it yourself it would have stated it in one of the screens when you loaded it up plus it would have said on the box something like one year of free updates included and if there was a manual it would also say in that.

You could either pay a subscription for a year or buy the latest version - which will again last one year only or delete the paid for one and try one of the free ones. Its up to you.

  terryf 23:29 12 Feb 2007

One of the advantages of paid-for AVG is that you get update emails several times a day. This may be something that you want or you could use the free program and run updates yourself.

  Kate B 23:46 12 Feb 2007

Update emails several times a day is a good reason *not* to have AVG paid-for if you ask me! I can't stand bustling officious software that constantly tells me how wonderful it is. And I get more than enough email without that kind of regular missive.

  skidzy 23:49 12 Feb 2007

Just a point regarding free AVG updates,when im using the router setup i have in a different location,AVG free auto updates.
My other system connected via usb speedtouch 330 also using AVG free has to be manually updated.

  p;3 08:15 13 Feb 2007

so; may we get something clarified; which antivirus program are you using at present and presumably now from your thread title(which has really proved a bit misleading)you did pay for it?

you thread opening remarks really suggested you were seeking advise ON various antivirus programs and NOT on the specific one you ??presumably have installed?

  Watchful 18:13 13 Feb 2007

My PC was pre-installed with a paid-for scanner but after the first year I changed to the free (for home users) Avast: click here
and have used it for three years with no problems. You have to register and it does update automatically.

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