provider 2 10:11 22 Nov 2006

Would I be right in thinking AOL`s Active Anti-virus is a better system than Avast! Home Edition and if so should I switch over pronto?
I can`t help wondering why AOL has not offered it to its own customers first, but continues to push McAfee.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:31 22 Nov 2006

If AOL is pushing McAfee oer its own product then doesn't say much for Active Antivirus.

I have always found Avast to be superior to McAfee anyway but have no experience with AOL Active

Personally I will not have anything to do with AOL on any of my systems as I find them too intrusive when having to sort out other peoples problems with AOL.

Now waiting for the "flack" from everyboy that uses AOL :0)

  gudgulf 10:41 22 Nov 2006

Active Anti-virus is a watered down version of Kaspersky anti-virus.

That means it has extremely good detection rates and is definitely worth a try....the downside is it tends to conflict with a number of firewalls.

You would need to try it out and see if it works well for you......if it does it is probably the best available for free right now.

It gave me problems with AOL and Kerio/Comodo firewalls so I reverted to AVAST

AOLs tie in with McAffee is a commercial of course they would rather push the paid for service

  RobCharles1981 10:42 22 Nov 2006

I'm an AOL user and I find it a heap of shit if you ask me - the Livesupport is stupid cause your talking to a bunch of indians who you cant understand worse for their phone support.

I have also seen a concerning support issue say for instance I play Half Life 2 Death Match my connection plays up on occations "Warning Connection Problem" Then I time out.

AOL isnt a bad isp but when my contract experies in July I'm going to think of joining a much better ISP to get a good reliable connection.


  goonerbill © ® 10:47 22 Nov 2006

Fruit Bat /\0/\ totally agree with you on AOL and i'm with them and now they have sold out to talktalk (carphone warehouse) can't wait till the 12 months are up and moving elsewhere.

on the note of anti-virus provider 2, i try not to use anything that is provided by AOL as usually it crap, dont work or crashes ya system. i have just changed from nortons over to AVG'S free anti-wirus prog and can recommend it to others and am thinking of buying the prog (same as the free version but updates itself and a couple of other things instead of doing it yourself manually). personnal opinion, mcafee is not as good as nortons either, have used both over the years.

  €dstowe 10:54 22 Nov 2006

I might point out that if you have AVG Free set up correctly, it too updates itself automatically.

  Belatucadrus 10:58 22 Nov 2006

The wording of the EULA is also rather odd, giving AOL and its chosen associates carte blanch to spam you and do whatever they wish with info they gather on your browsing habits. click here There's no indication that they've done anything inappropriate yet, but you've got to wonder why they included it in the terms and conditions.
I downloaded it, but decided to stick with avast!

  Technotiger 11:07 22 Nov 2006

Hi, AVG - as per €dstowe, plus, it pops up a window to tell you what it has done. I like it.


  provider 2 11:17 22 Nov 2006

Many thanks for your replies. You have given me a lot to think about. I too have had my problems with AOL, not least in the so-called "Help and Support" dept. in Calcutta or wherever.
I`m hesitating about ticking the "resolved" box now though.Do you think I might request more choices of box? Maybe :
1. resolved
2. unresolved
3. partly resolved
4. abandoned due to lack of interest
5. abandoned-more questions than answers
Best regards,
provider 2

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