Anti Trojan Shield, does it cry wolf?

  Glyn-252301 20:56 15 Jun 2003

I installed Anti Trojan Shield to test before purchase and it found 27 files contaminated. 20 of the files were in Ms Flight simulator and the rest were spread around programs like Si soft Sandra, Edit pad light and tweak all. Anti Trojan will remove Trojans if one buys the programme, but as have not yet payed for the utility I put all the contaminated programmes through the shredder and then reinstalled. Guess what, when I ran Trojan shield it came up with the same results, same files.

Hoping that some one can shed a little light for me. Regards G.

  keith-236785 21:09 15 Jun 2003

unfortunately Anti Trojan Shield sometimes seems to find files that it thinks are trojans which are actually just program files, the best thing to do is to look at the files it shows and if any stand out then check them out using

it found a stray file on my computer which was just part of Carmageddon, but it also found a Trojan.....

thank you ATShield

  Glyn-252301 21:17 15 Jun 2003

Thanks for response paperman27, I needed to hear that in order to decide on making a purchase. So ATShield falls on the side of caution. I cant argue against that. Regards G.

  spuds 21:51 15 Jun 2003

Like all programmes of this type, they can have mysteries about them.Some pick up one thing,which others may not. I am presently trying out Trojan Shield, in conjunction with others that I have in place.They main thing, is whatever you install, you must check the up-dates and downloads on a regular basis.

  Glyn-252301 16:42 16 Jun 2003

Think your right about the mysteries spuds. I to have other virus and spyware seekers, Spybot and AVG. Thanks for your input Regards G.

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