Anti Trojan Shield

  swanny2 01:27 15 Jan 2005

when i go too add/remove an click on this it tells me instalation log file not found! an comes up as ghost uninstaller... any ideas how i can get rid of it plz.
ty .. :O)¬~~~

  AndySD 01:41 15 Jan 2005

Try reinstalling the program.

  hugh-265156 01:45 15 Jan 2005

what is it you are trying to uninstall please? norton ghost or other with this message?

if you cannot uninstall the program with add remove programs try this:

set up a system restore point before doing this if you have xp or me.

next right click your start button and then click 'explore' next navigate to your 'all programs' folder or to the location you installed the program you wish to remove and delete its folder.

next click 'start/run' then type 'regedit' and click ok. navigate to 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall' and click on the + to expand this.

Highlight the entry for the software you wish to remove from the add remove programs list here then right click it and choose 'delete'

restart your computer.

  swanny2 02:17 15 Jan 2005

anti trojan shield i want too removem8 an i get that message Insalation file log not not that clued up on what else too do bar goin too add /remove but as i say it wont ununstall .
tx anyway m8

  swanny2 17:31 15 Jan 2005

cant find it cant find where it went...

  hugh-265156 00:48 16 Jan 2005

sorry it was late and i didnt read the title :-)

i had a look on the website for this software click here but could not find any info on where it installs to by default, my guess is though there should be a folder in 'C:\program files'

as above right click your start button and choose 'explore' then navigate to here and look for folders named ATShield, AntiTrojan Shield or maybe even ATShield Development Team etc and delete it.

then follow the registry info in my post above to remove the registry entries with the same name in 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall' and restart your computer.

  hugh-265156 00:50 16 Jan 2005

ps. if you are not comfortable doing this then try e-mailing support maybe [email protected]

  swanny2 00:53 16 Jan 2005

ive found ats in there but wen i went too click on uninstall its says log file not found? so what do i delete in there ...

  hugh-265156 01:07 16 Jan 2005

are you looking in 'start/all programs'? or you hard drives 'program files' menu?

right click your start button. dont left click it.

choose explore and then navigate to C:\program files

delete the program folder here.

  swanny2 12:39 16 Jan 2005

cheers mate

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