Anti Static Mat Advice for office

  mariea 09:44 27 May 2015

We have been getting a lot of static recently in our office and an electrician came out and recommended we get some rubber mats to go underneath our computer towers as they currently sit on the floor. I have been looking around for a while but I'm struggling to find the right product. I've found some grounding mats but have been advised these wouldn't be necessary. Would someone be able to advise of what I should be buying and where to get it from? I appreciate any advice, thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:35 27 May 2015

Modern materials clothing and furniture contains man made fibres that can produce a lot of static.

Any two materials rubbing together will produce static. and the only way to get rid is to ground (earth) it.

PCs are earthed through the three pin plug to the PSU and therefore there should not be a problem.

Problems occur from PCs on the floor if they are stood on carpet or tucked somewhere that never gets clean (like under desks) as they can fill with dust that then causes overheating.

  robin_x 16:36 27 May 2015

I've never seen anti-static bench or floor matting used in offices, only in labs and workshops.

It can be bloomin' expensive too and there are plenty of charlatans and snake-oil salesmen out to bamboozle the unwary


Unless it's a big problem you may be able to just do nothing

Things to bear in mind

Have you recently been recarpeted, got new chairs, installed dehumidifiers or everyone switched to man-made fibre summer clothes?

How many people suffer? Does it happen while simply working in their chairs at a desk or after walking across the carpet?

Can the affected people try clothes with more natural fibres (eg cotton) and a change of shoes and see if the problem is reduced?

  Devil Fish 21:56 29 May 2015

would this serve purpose at £1.20 a pop click here

  robin_x 22:17 29 May 2015

Good value, but anti-static mats are made from conductive rubber.

Normal rubber would not be suitable

  Dragon_Heart 23:55 29 May 2015

The age old problem, well as old as when synthetic materials, people & PC's all came into contact with each other.

You have two main options with the carpet :-

Replace it

Treat it

You can purchase anti static carpet or tiles. Not cheap but effective. One example is UK Contract Flooring which are currently £2.15 / 50cm x 50 cm tile + p & P

The option to spray treat the original carpet is possibly cheaper. One example of this is called KILL STAT and costs about £15 + P & P. / litre ( which is claimed to cover approx. 20 sq m.


Another problem that is sometimes overlooked is the earthing of your electrical equipment, including IT equipment In many smaller offices anti surge extension leads are used for PC base stations, monitors, printers and scanners, the problem occurs when these do not give the correct earthing pathway. You can have a surge arrester fitted which protects ALL equipment in the office but they cost around £500+ plus fitting.

You may also wish to consider protecting your phone & data lines.

Now if you have not already passed out by the costs just think about what it would cost in time, lost production & customer faith is your data was lost ?

If you carpet is old replace it with anti static tiles but if it's newish spray it. Get a qualified electrician to test your electrics for possible static problems.

  wee eddie 01:09 30 May 2015

I can remember one, newly recarpeted office.

By the time you had walked from the lift to the Receptionist ' s desk you'd built up enough staticto spark

  pcvalet 16:39 30 May 2015

Hi, We are a company called PC Valet Ltd, and we specialize in Anti-Static, ESD products. We would recommend our touch mats. We have two sizes. Our small touch mat can be placed around the office and when touched on a regular basis they will discharge any static that people have built up in their body. Our second size is big enough to go under your keyboard. When using your keyboard your hands will be touching the mat, thus discharging any static. Please copy and paste this link for more information and photos. click here
Probably the reason why you are getting so much static is the dryness of the air in the office, the carpet you are walking on, also the synthetic clothes that you may be wearing all build up static in individuals, and then of course when you touch something metal you get the “zap”. So by removing as much static in you as possible, by touching the mats on a regular basis though out the day, you will prevent yourself from suffering the dreaded problem of static.

  Dragon_Heart 17:28 31 May 2015

wee eddie's comment brought back a family friends phone call some 30 years ago.

He then worked for Milk Marketing Board inseminating cows. He called in one day to report about their new local office and computer room having all new carpets and their horrendous colour. I joked to him that I just hoped it was anti static carpet and them explained the problems of static & IT equipment. He went back to work on Monday and just happen to drop this information out in conversation .... they laughed at him. That Friday he phoned me at work, I thought it was some sort of laughing mad man, to say the IT dept. had lost ALL their information off the data disks, did he enjoy saying "I told you so" !

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