anti spyware order

  mm10fan 13:27 05 Jul 2005

have just loaded antihook, and after training effort,
am reasonably happy, this is on top of ms antispy,
win patrol, attack shield, and armor fw/av.
can i have views as to order of which to retain/dump.
my view is fw/av, ms aspy, a/hook, wp, a/shield.

  bertiecharlie 14:56 05 Jul 2005

There's a new version of AntiHook in the pipeline but not sure when it will be released. It has caused problems for some depending on their other security software. If it is working for you then fine. Personally I use the paid version of ProcessGuard but AntiHook is free.

AttackShield runs as a service I think and doesn't take up much resources. I've never used it so can't really comment.

WinPatrol, I don't like the CPU spikes, but it's well thought of generally.

For what it's worth I just run firewall, av, ProcessGuard and MS Antispy on the basis that they take up next to nothing in terms of memory and cpu usage.

You can check out the individual cpu and memory usage of the programmes you listed with ProcessExplorer from click here Right click a process and click on Properties and a window will appear showing memory usage and a graph of cpu usage, (just like task manager but for the individual process).

  mm10fan 10:10 06 Jul 2005

thanks bc for your comments,
i think i'll try fw,av,ms as and a/hook.
i have used w/patrol for a long time,
but ms aspy, xp utils overlap.
not sure what i'll miss from attackshield,
as its super quiet, it says its protecting
9 services, and has stopped 1 attack in 3 months.

nb i find hijack the most useful util for checking
on as status.

  bertiecharlie 10:41 06 Jul 2005

I think that's a good choice of programmes and HijackThis is also very good. If you are interested in monitoring your system in more detail here are some freeware programmes to have a look at.

FileCRC click here Command line program which on first run takes a snapshot of your system files and .exe files. A subsequent run will show you any changes that have been made. If a dll, ocx, or exe file is replaced, after installing new software say, it will tell you whether you now have a newer or older version of that file. It gives you the version number of the files replaced and the version number of the new file. It will also tell you if any of these files have been deleted. This has happened to me when uninstalling software.You can take a fresh snapshot at any time. (It's relatively quick and the snapshot file is less than 1MB.) This is a really excellent programme for troubleshooting problems which may occur on your PC.

Watcher click here Monitors system files, running processes, and start up. Set to run at start up but you can disable this if you want and run a scan whenever you like. A "Quick Scan" takes a few seconds to run. You can also do a "Deep Scan" which doesn't take much longer.

FileMap by BB click here Will detect any changes made in important areas of your system. Simple and straighforward to use.

Integrity Checker click here Takes a snapshot of any folder you choose eg. System32 Folder containing your system files, or your Program Files Folder. Will highlight any changes to the files in this folder and it's sub folders when you run a check. Not quite as detailed as FileCRC and takes quite a few minutes to run if you want it to check everything File CRC checks. It can take separate snapshots of as many folders as you want.

For real time monitoring there is a simple programme called SilentNight Inspector from click here The programme will monitor a folder, say the Windows folder, for any changes and play a sound every time a file is created (usually a prefetch file I must admit). When you open the Inspector window, it gives you details of the files that have been created or deleted whilst it has been running. Takes up nothing in terms of CPU and memory. Run it occassionally just to see what's going on.

WinServices from click here gives details of your Services. You can take a snapshot and then compare it at any time with the Services currently running. You can have it monitor your services in real time (every minute). CPU usage is nothing and it's very light on memory. If a new Service starts up, or an existing service is stopped, a pop up window appears on the screen to tell you. The sound alarm is optional, very optional. (MS Antispy monitors your services as well.)

Installer programmes like TrashIt or Disk and Registry Alert can be used as system monitoring tools. Both these are very effective but they are not freeware.

  mbp 11:03 06 Jul 2005

mm10 supplementary recommendations:
(1) iespell or
(2) Spelbound

Bertie, thanks for your summary, I will make a hardcopy for reference.

  mm10fan 12:28 06 Jul 2005

again thanks bertie(if i may),
as an xp (pro&home) newbie (9 months), windows 2-w98.
due to xp reliability apart from backups, i have not spent much time system monitoring, but will with the threats increasing? will review your refs.

  mm10fan 08:44 28 Jul 2005

removed antihook, due to constant repetition of
warnings of apps (previously advised). tried the learning mode, which is interesting to monitor( with rules editor). some crashes. not sure if related.
thinking about retrying prevx, but will have a rest to determine stability.

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