anti-spam software

  nooyawkah 03:25 30 Jan 2003

Can anyone recommend any anti-spam software? I want it for just my personal PC and I use AOL 8.0. Freeware's best but I'll actually buy it if I have to.

  powerless 07:20 30 Jan 2003
  powerless 07:20 30 Jan 2003

says myself.

  powerless 07:27 30 Jan 2003

Talk about complete foolishness.

I just realised i misread your post.

You said "spam" i thought it read spyware, ah well its early.

  Andsome 08:47 30 Jan 2003

I have to admit that when I tried anti spam software on my old machine I had problems. I also had problems after using a registry cleaning program. I now tend to leave all such programs alone. I don't even open anything which is apparently spam, I just highlight the e-mail with one left click, go to messages and block sender. No doubt you will get lots of other posting with various recommendations, but it's up to you really. I just don't get hot under the collar about it, it's just the same as junk mail in the post as far as I'm concerned.

  golfpro 08:58 30 Jan 2003

"Mailwasher" indicates if certain emails are "Poss spam" and you can bounce them as well as delete, and its free.

  Foolsbane_1 11:45 30 Jan 2003

I use SpamPal. Free from -

click here

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