Antec Lanboys??

  ste_bla 13:40 25 May 2004

Do i go for:

a) Antec Lanboy With 350w PSU w/space for 2x80mm fans click here

b) Anter SuperLan Boy W/O PSU W/ 2x 120mm Fans click here

Both are same price; so is the super version worth it seeing i would have to buy a PSU aswell?

OR are there any other cases like this out there around the 60 mark inc a good PSU??

  €dstowe 14:14 25 May 2004

Don't know about those but our latest machines are in Antec Sonata cases. They are of very high build quality and contain many little extras like rubber mounts for drives/fans to make them as quiet as possible.

Very satisfied with them:-))

  ste_bla 14:31 25 May 2004

Hmm looks intresting... It seems to have air filters (?) is that for the front fan (havent seen them before ~NEW~) are they any good and how do you clean them?

Also how do i connect the case fans to the PSU? I dont think i want to connect them to motherboard do i coz i read somewhere that the smartpower PSU can control case fan RPM's so faster when hotter is that right or am i just confused...

And last but not least how hard is it to connect up the usb connections ? (ga-8ipe 1000 pr2 mobo)

Cheers for any help

  ste_bla 14:43 25 May 2004

Forgot to ask also in Lanboy some reviews say graphic card can get in the way is this that same with the sanata case in your experience if it helps im gunna go for a 9600xt 128mb

  €dstowe 14:56 25 May 2004

The fan connects to the PSU but there is a fan control direct to PSU from M/B to control the speed. Only one 120mm fan is fitted as standard but there is space and mounting grommets for a front fan.

There doesn't seem to be a space problem with the graphics card - I didn't build the machine, my father did but, having looked inside there seems to be plenty of room.

The air filter is a sheet of sturdy plastic mesh which slides in from bottom, front. You take it out, rinse it under the tap and brush the grot away - easy.

I've had mine sound proofed with a kit from Quiet PC click here and they're whisper quiet.

Regarding USB/Firewire/front audio connections, I just phoned my father and he says they are singles connectors but clearly marked and easily decipherable to where the go.

My first post on this was really to comment on the high quality of the Antec build but, if you like the case as well, go for it!!!


  BeForU 14:58 25 May 2004

Personally I would go for option 'B'.

Reason for this is unless you have extra cash, you could get a better and higher quality PSU. Although the PSU supplied is quite good, I would opt for better. Also since it has 120mm fans, they are better than 80mm ones since they make less noise and gives more air flow. Having one 120mm intake would be kinda better than having say four 80mm intake fans.

  ste_bla 15:10 25 May 2004

So would i connect the PSU to the mobo via the 3pin Socket? Looks just like the Heatsink connector ?

And i think go for one of them.. Ebuyer hav them for unless you know somewhere cheeper w/ good rep i think its time to let the moths out...

  ste_bla 15:17 25 May 2004

I can see your point but with my whole system comeing to around 600 exc case dont really want to spend too much esp as just got married and the tutting and "why do you need that" has started! And i have to say i dont think its a bad system at all for 600 quid;

Ga-8ipe 1000 pro2
2.8 800fsb 1mb P4
2x256 ddr400 (until wife is away then another 2x256)
9600 xt 128 mb
80gb sata hdd
16 dvd rom
8x +/- dvd writer
xp home
nero6(bargin at 3 pound - oem)
and ofcourse the good old trusty floppy!

  €dstowe 16:30 25 May 2004

The PSU fan control connects to the M/B via the 3 pin case fan connector (only two pins, control and ground, are used).

I believe my father gets them from ebuyer.


  ste_bla 03:17 26 May 2004

Cheers for all your help €d

  €dstowe 06:08 26 May 2004

You're welcome!

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