Antec 900 case problems

  tigertop2 15:39 05 Jan 2008

I have purchased a very nice Antec 900 case. However my new Zalman Fan Controller's connector leads which are 3.5" and 3 and 4 pin are incompatible with the Antec fans which have Molex 5.25" Zalman say even if I got a connector the fans would not work. No idea why but it may be related to the speed switches built into the Antec fan leads? Anyone had similar problems and got an answer?

Secondly where can I get dust filters for the fans? Akasa 120mm filters don't fit but I know some Forum guys have fitted filters

Any answers please before I take it out on the poor cats?

  2bathred 09:11 15 Feb 2008

Looks like I have a similar problem. I want to connect the fans to the MOBO but with no connectors that fit and unable to find a supplier, it is driving me nuts.From the hours of trawling through help room forums it looks like the only way forward is to chuck out the antec fans and buy new ones. These speed switches seem to be the problem and being so stupidly short means case opening every time you need to change the speed of the fans.
Sorry I can't help you but nice to know I'm not alone.

  AlanHo 09:38 15 Feb 2008

The Zalman cooler is designed to plug into the motherboard.

Antec supply large quiet fans that do not require constant speed control. They are connected to the PSU by molex connectors. I recently built a computer with an Antec case and set the fans, as recommended, to medium speed. It works perfectly, keps very cool and is almost silent. In my opinion dynamic variable fan speed control for case fans is a gimmick.

My Antec 182 case has adequate washable filters built into the air inlet at the front - I do not have filters on the fans and they are keeping very clean.

  tigertop2 11:52 15 Feb 2008

Thanks 2bathred and AlanHo.
After contact with both Antec and Zalmac--A very protracted process) it turns out there is no solution but to ditch the Antec fans for another supplier. I have found Nexus to be very helpful on this problem but Antec and Zalman don't seem to realise the problem exists far less modify their fan connectors! Incidentally you can connect up the PSU cooler fan but unless it runs faster than 1200rpm the Antec won't control it!

For Richard Ho if you use the ZalmanZM MFC2 you are also keping an eye on temperatures, RPM speeds and Power consumption as well as having a visual indicator that your fans are running. If you have 7 fans in a case as I have that is worth while!!!
We live and learn--at our pocket's expense!

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