Antec 900 case fan connections

  2bathred 09:21 15 Feb 2008

Can anybody tell me how to connect the case fans to the MOBO as they only have 4pin molex (2 pins connected) and a silly little lead with a speed changer, or where to get an adaptor to change the pin connection or do these tricool fans not allow a MOBO connection. Another 'or' do I just plug them into the molex from the power supply and open up the case when I need to change the speed. A bit awkward having to move everything just to do this.

  Totally-braindead 12:40 15 Feb 2008

I don't know if this will help but I have only seen 2 types of connectors, the small white ones that connect to the motherboard that allow the motherboard to vary the speed, or a fan controller if you fitted one of them and connected it to that. Or a molex connector. If its a molex connector then it runs full blast all the time and if thats unacceptable then the only solution as far as I know is to replace it with a fan with the connector for the motherboard.

You might possibly be able to just replace the connector if you could source them but I've not tried this and am unsure as to whether this would work ok. Bearing this in mind I would just replace the fan with one for a motherboard connection (making sure first that there is one free of course).

Regarding opening the case to alter the fan speed can I ask how you do this if its connected my a molex because as far as I am aware it goes full blast all the time and cannot be altered?

  Totally-braindead 12:43 15 Feb 2008

As an afterthought you could replace the fan with one with different fan blades as some have bigger blades and subseqently run slower than the ones with smaller blades and therefore are quieter.

Or you could fit a fan controller unit, I think they start at about £20.

  2bathred 15:38 15 Feb 2008

Thanks for the reply. I found another thread with the same problem as me and he had spoken to Antec who were unaware of the problem. He was trying to use a controller but couldn't get a suitable connector either. The Tricool fans fitted have a tiny 3 speed selector switch on the yellow wire leaving just 2 wires in the molex. The upshot is change the fans or set them all to medium speed which seems to cover all bases and runs quietly according to other users. There are 4 fitted, Rear 120mm, front 120mm x2 and top 200mm.
I think this will be my setting as I do not want to just throw money away. Not a very well thought through design.

  Totally-braindead 22:19 15 Feb 2008

I agree never seen the little switches, have to bear that in mind next time someone posts about something like this.

  tigertop2 21:22 16 Feb 2008

I posted on another thread which I think is the one that 2bathred is referring to. There aint an easy answer re Antec 900 fans . All you can do is connect the molex's to the molex connectors from the PSU and control the fan speeds via their switches . I run mine at low except for the rear one adjacent to my Athlon x2 5000BE which I run at medium. It is impossible to adjust the speed switches unless you take the sides off the PC chassis except for the rear one. Crazy, crazy design when the rest of the 900 case is a joy to work with. One day Antec will wake up to the fact that they should be fitting fans with both 3 pin and possibly molex connectors. I am not the only one who has complained directly to them. I am saving up for replacement Nexus fans which do have decent connectors and can be linked to my Zalman Fan controller.

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