Another Wireless problem

  ginjavision 18:04 12 Aug 2006

I'm new to this wireless networking malarky, but judging from all I've read so far I'm not the only one with problems!

I've been groping my way though installing a lan wireless connection between a desktop and a laptop using ad-hoc connection. I've managed to install the connection, and both computers come up with a wireless network connected message .. but that is it.

When I go to My Network places on the desktop it only shows itself as the host. The laptop shows both itself as client and the desktop as host, but when I click on the host it tells me that host won't allow access. This means I can't get to printer/files or access the internet.

I've had had eachcomputer ping the other, all fine, I'e followed the advice on the forum page "Problem setting up file sharing", as far as it goes but now I need the next stage ...

I'e tried all the help pages I can find and reinstalled and checked differnt boxes but to no avail. Everything looks fine on screen but something is not right - how can I be able to connect and yet not access anything - is it because I am stupid or that what I am trying to do is impossible?

  FelixTCat 18:21 12 Aug 2006


To be able to share files over the network you have to do 2 things:

1. enable file and printer sharing on both pcs

2. set at least one drive or folder for sharing

To set file and printer sharing, double-click on the network icon and select Properties. Click the box for sharing. Click OK

To share a drive or folder, open My Computer, go to the drive or folder you want to share, right-click on it and click Sharing and Security. Don't share the whole of your system drive.

You share a printer in a similar way.

Note that you do not have to set up any file sharing in order to access the internet.



  ginjavision 18:43 12 Aug 2006

My settings are already set to share everything ... and I can't share the internet access either...

I can's seem to access the host computer from the laptop, when I click on the host icon I am told it is not accessible, I don;t have permission blah blah blah, network path was not found and the desktop doesn't show the laptop - is that normal?

and now they won't ping ... i think I must be asking the impossible.

  FelixTCat 19:20 12 Aug 2006


Do you have firewalls on the pcs? If so, you must set them to allow the network IP range, normally -

Double-click on the laptop's network icon and click Support. What do you have for IP address and default gateway?



  ginjavision 19:37 12 Aug 2006

OK I had previously turned off all firewalls, and tried to connect with no succses, this time I went into Windows firewall and checked all the right exceptions, then i went to advanced and set the wireless connections up to the correct ip addresses and told them connect http and smtp and pop3 ... but still no connection

The ip address of the laptop is and the desktop is which corresponds to the ipconfig addresses of the pings. My pings are now saying request timed out, yet my wireless connection says it is connecting at 11Mpbs, signal stength excellent and staus connected.

They make this out to be so easy when you read about it ...

  FelixTCat 20:03 12 Aug 2006


Don't worry, we'll get there. is an unusual IP address - where is it coming from?

Double-click on the wireless icon and click Support. What does it say about the Address type?

What is the default gateway address?



  ginjavision 20:16 12 Aug 2006

Address type assigned by DHCP

Subnet mask

Default gateway

is this the answer to where is it coming from? Because I don't know the answer to that one, it came up with it itself!


  FelixTCat 20:33 12 Aug 2006


The default gateway of tells us that the laptop is looking to your desktop for its connection and the desktop has issued the laptop's IP address, so the 2 are talking to one another.

Disable the firewalls on both pcs and try pings again.

Can each pc see the other's shares?

Do you have internet access from the laptop?



(PS It's dinner time - I may not be back 'til late)

  ginjavision 20:51 12 Aug 2006

Felix -

I think the 2 were talking to each .. but they must now have a disagreement ...
Firewalls off:-
both pings results were

Request timed out (x4 attempts)
Ping statistics for each

Packets sent: 4 Received=0 Lost=4
(100% loss)
the only difference being that the desktop listed the laptop ip and vice versa.

About half an hour ago the laptop was showing the host(desktop) and itself as client under my network places (Mshome), since then it went on standby and although the wireless connection has restarted and is still strong the laptop now only shows itself.

The desktop has only ever shown itself as host computer ...

I am trying to get internet access using the desktop's plug-in/dial up broadband connection ...logically this should be possible but maybe not!

Wait I just tried the laptop again, and now it shows the host icon again, double clicking on this gives the access denied message.

Again no response to the ping.


  FelixTCat 23:15 12 Aug 2006


This must be really frustrating for you. Can we try something. Right-click on My Computer and click Computer Name. Please check that both computers have the same Workgroup, e.g. MSHOME but different Full computer name, e.g. Laptop and Desktop



  ginjavision 23:19 12 Aug 2006

Yes Desktop is Ghost (Comp)and laptop is Client (Laptop), both list Mshome

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