Another wireless problem

  X6T 16:53 01 Jun 2006

I'm running XP on a desktop ethernet connected to a Linksys WAG354G, WPA enabled. I'm using McAfee firewall.
The network has been running fine until my wife tried to access her user account on the host pc. I'd hadn't yet configured it for internet access, and the dial up box came up which she tried to connect to repeatedly, until the system crashed big time! I had to shut the machine down with the power button. I changed her user account to enable web access and email.Since then I'm able to connect wirelessly to a laptop, but every time I try to access a web page it disconnects and then reconnects immediately when the browser is idle. I've tried diabling the firewall on both machines but all to no avail.
Any help would be appreciated. Can I blame the wife?

  ade.h 18:09 01 Jun 2006

"Can I blame the wife?"

Yes; it's very satisfying because you won't get the chance very often! LOL.

Anyway. Have you now configured the Connection tab of Internet Options correctly?

By the way; you can't fully disable some firewalls because the engine is left running in the background. If this happens, you can usually kill it from its entry in Services. Run services.msc or select it from Admin Tools.

  X6T 21:35 01 Jun 2006

Thanks for the reply.

The internet connection tab on all user accounts on the desktop and also on the laptop are: Never dial a connection, and all the LAN setting boxes are unchecked.

Still the same problem, the desktop has internet access while the laptop disconnects when trying to access a web page and then reconnects when idle.


  X6T 11:35 03 Jun 2006

After the crash, does anyone think reseting the router and starting again would be a good idea.

I'm in serious trouble now, the wife is miffed because I made it global knowledge that she messed up my pc, and the daughter is moaning that she can't sit in her bedroom and download music and chat on msn.

  ade.h 16:13 03 Jun 2006

I assumed that you had done that already. That's the first step, being one of the simplest things that you can try.

  X6T 15:36 04 Jun 2006

I’ve reset the router and now the desktop PC with the Ethernet connection to the router, connects to the internet with no problems. Unfortunately the wireless laptop now no longer connects to the network at all.

I think when I initially set up the network it was a complete fluke that it worked! I used the windows wireless connection wizard, with a USB flash card and it seemed to work, even though I was instructed by the wizard to plug the flash card into the router which hasn’t got a USB port!

At the moment the desktop IP address is set to automatic as is the laptop’s. Is this correct? If not what manual settings should I put in? The ones from running ipconfig on the desktop, or the ones on the router set up? While I’m at it, should the internet sharing option be checked on any of the machines?

Outside the sun is shinning, the Welsh Open and Test Match are on the tv and I’m stuck here pulling my hair out. I’ve got to get it sorted before the World Cup starts next week!

  ade.h 15:49 04 Jun 2006

"At the moment the desktop IP address is set to automatic as is the laptop’s. Is this correct?"

Yes, provided the router's DHCP function is enabled and working correctly.

"...should the internet sharing option be checked on any of the machines?"

No, absolutely not. None of your clients are functioning as a gateway, so you do not use ICS.

As I often have to mention, you shouldn't use and do not need to use the entirely pointless Wireless Networking Wizard. Connecting a client to a wireless network is so quick and simple that the wizard just gets in the way of you learning how this works.

The Network Setup Wizard, however, should generally be run on any client that needs to distribute its shares to other clients. But again, it is not essential; I have never used it on my business laptop and I can still access the shares and network printer on my desktop, simply because I ran the NSW on the desktop. It is not necessary at all for printer sharing.

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