Another Win 2000 problem - FDC?

  Handy Spinner 16:52 21 Nov 2004

Hi all,

I'm having a serious problem with another computer running Windows 2000. It was working OK the other day (although I was having some difficulty in reconnecting it in a network), then on bootup one day it said it had a FDC problem, then went to a blue screen error message.

I tried rebooting it, only to be greeted by repeated beeps and clicks, that latter apparently coming from the floppy drive. Nothing appeared on the screen.

That is still the current situation.

I would be grateful of any help anybody could give me. I'll endeavour to answer any questions about this as best I can.


Handy Spinner

  Diodorus Siculus 16:56 21 Nov 2004

Can you boot with the Win2k CD and try a repair?

  Iron Maiden 22:12 21 Nov 2004

A FDC failure should not normaly cause windows not to load or give a blue screen. Most often you would get a message about the failure and the option to press F1 to continue.
Can you get into bios screen ? if so set floppy as
not installed. Open case & unplug data cable to floppy see if boots up. If it does you will have to live without a floppy drive. If you can't or none of this works you are looking at a new motherboard

  Handy Spinner 13:02 22 Nov 2004

Iron Maiden - when the problem started, I received the notice about the FDC and hit the F1 key to continue as you indicate. Then during Windows startup I got the blue screen message and I turned the machine off. Now I get nothing on the screen, so I can't go into the Bios. I'll try disconnecting the Floppy drive to see if that works.

Diodorus Siculus - I think that it won't even get to the stage where I can boot from a device, since nothing appears on screen.

ßéLâ - Yeah, that's what I suspected.

  Handy Spinner 16:41 22 Nov 2004

It's now making eight beeps in a row. It's an AMI Bios, so apparently this indicates trouble with the video card. However, it's got onboard graphics. So are all these signs that this motherboard is plain faulty or should I try something else before attempting to get a replacement?



  Diemmess 17:41 22 Nov 2004

I realise you don't wish to flog a dead horse, running up a bill for try this and try that, but if you have any old PCI video card, you could plug it in and see what happens. Yes I realise too that you would need to disable the onboard card but....................

Bear in mind that error codes and messages don't always match the problem, but are the closest appointed message when something goes pht.

  Handy Spinner 17:50 22 Nov 2004

...but I tried a new AGP card earlier with no success. I don't know how to disable the onboard graphics though...?

  Diemmess 18:12 22 Nov 2004

Stating the obvious, there is something fundamentally wrong.

It sounds like a severe hardware problem but which bit? Warning of a FDD contoller failure perhaps, but in order to get at least something showing on the monitor you may have to strip to the barest essentials to be sure the mobo. is OK.

Try disconnecting HDD, FDD, CD and removing all but one stick of RAM. Then when you switch on if you still have nothing showing on the monitor you will know what it ISN'T........... Try alternative RAM......... If you do get a screen signal, then your Video is OK and you can start "rebuilding" your computer one step at a time.

  Iron Maiden 08:23 23 Nov 2004

also take out any pci cards

  stuntmaster 09:23 23 Nov 2004

windows 2000 can get stuck in an internal loop, when something goes amiss, like may N-Force2 Mobo drivers worked but then changed something and i got an error screen similar to yours., one other thing, you say your floppy lights up and like clicks? it could be that the BIOS got corrupted, and AMI's hidden reapir function is trying to search the floppy to repair the bios. heres what you could do, get on the Motherboards website and downlaod the latest BIOS, save it to a floppy and put in your Dead pc when it boots the Hidden repair bit will find the bios on the floppy and write it to the Chip, it should beep 4 times and reboot, try it you never know. it might jus work.

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