Another website problem - different site though.

  pj123 15:12 24 May 2004

I have recently taken over maintaining an already existing site (the previous person left after an altercation, so no contact there). Technically, all I do is update the spec, prices etc. using their computer and Dreamweaver MX. I have just noticed that when I log on to this site the Homepage never seems to finish loading. All I get at the bottom of the screen is: (1 item remaining) Opening page click here. etc..Click on any of the other links on the site and it says Done. I also notice that when on this site the speakers appear to make a very faint "jingling" noise with, what appears to be someone talking? I have turned the speakers up full blast but still can't make it out. The site in question is at click here I don't think the previous person is "getting his own back" even though he still knows the ID and password to access the site and make changes. Anyone have any ideas please?

  tomleady 15:43 24 May 2004

sorry, but i dont see this problem. maybe i'm just looking in the wrong place.

Could you be more specific?

i cant hear ANY noise either.

maybe i'm just having a stupid day!

  pj123 16:38 24 May 2004

tomleady. Thanks for your comment. That's reassuring. Can't be more specific, that is exactly what I get. No matter how long I sit looking at the Homepage it never seems to say Done. If others say the same thing as you then it seems like it is only my computer causing the problem. I am no expert in web design (yet) although I do have a nice mini tutorial courtesy of Taran, which I am working on. I wouldn't know how to construct a website from scratch using Dreamweaver MX. My way round this is to use MS Publisher and the web page wizard.

  Taran 18:00 24 May 2004

I get your error in the status bar, where the page has one element remaining to load up.

I'm a bit pushed for time this afternoon but I'll try to look into your source code this evening and see whaere it's going wrong.

  Charence 19:10 24 May 2004

I confirm what tomleady said. The page seems to be working fine, I switched the speakers on full and heard nothing and page is fully loaded within seconds.

One thing I did noticed, when you click DIGITAL CAMERA there's a dark blue box which appears below ACCESSORIES button which may be some error. click here


  PurplePenny 19:41 24 May 2004

..and IE problem. In Opera it finishes loading very quickly. In IE it does as described - stops at one item loading. Can't hear anthing but my PC is noisy.


  pj123 15:54 25 May 2004

Thanks, fourm member that's given me quite a lot to look at. Just rung the domain owner who says "freeticket" refers to a once a year exhibition he attends where, if you log on to his website you can get a free entry ticket, as opposed to just turning up at the exhibition centre where you have to pay on the door. It's only used once a year so it is suppressed for the rest of the time.

Charence, thanks for that. Something else to work out. But as I am not a web expert looks like I am going to have learn, quick. All I do is amend things in Dreamweaver and upload the amendments using CuteFTP.

  pj123 11:12 26 May 2004

fourm member, thanks for that. I am not that good yet but I will give it a go. I have downloaded the site as it is to a folder, so if anything goes wrong at least I can upload it again as it was.

  pj123 15:32 27 May 2004

I am ticking this thread as resolved at the moment so that I can give all the responses a go.

Thanks everyone for the input.

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