Another way to make a computer appear dead!

  Diemmess 12:43 04 Jul 2009

Under the cautionary umbrella of ~~~~~~~~~~ ain't broke, so don't even try to fix it.

Hot afternoon, in for a break from helping the "garden expert."

Noted a number of Forum threads with overheating probs in this weather.
Checked my temperatures with Everest.
Most were little above room temp. but the "GPU" showed over 70C.

Shut down and lifted the side off the PC... like the inside of the cleaner bag built up around the (GeForce 8500) graphics card fan.
Most careful sweeping and vaac effort, leaving the fan and heatsink like new.

Put it all back and switched on.
Nothing whatsoever!
Well, fans were running, monitor searching -showing alternate Digital or Analogue, no HD light, no beeps.


Double checked all leads and plugs, removed and replaced graphic card again.
Still nothing!
Fortunately this PC has integral graphics, but I couldn't find a standard monitor cable to try, this 22" Samsung a digital cable plug.

Now beginning to fear PSU problem or worst of all motherboard failure. Visited grandson who is home for the summer from university and has his own PC doing nothing until next term.

Borrowed his monitor and cable.

Connected my monitor to the video output socket on the motherboard and removed the GeForce card

PC grumbled a bit, couldn't make its choice between Analogue and Digital, then a blessed sound, a beep which signals the end of the POST and Windows came up again.
Lousy picture until resolution reset, otherwise OK
relieved it worked again.

This morning found my spare Analogue cable tried replacement of the GeForce card and connecting the Monitor (analogue socket) to the card.
Pure Magic!

Moral ~~~~~ When in a hole, stop digging.

Diagnosis (after the event)
Removal of the cable from the video card during cleaning, was one wiggle too many.
Probably the years of being squashed close to a wall and wiggled whenever I wanted to get at the back had finally broken a connection.

The GPU temperature has dropped by about 8C

One question to justify all this in helproom.

What advantage is there (if any) to using a digital connection rather than analogue?
I haven't noticed any difference.

  lotvic 13:01 04 Jul 2009

Thank you, you have just given me hope for one that I've 'broke'
Will go and hunt my spare cables up and start on it next week.

I have a sneaky feeling that I forgot to change cable from DVI to VGA (doh!)

  rawprawn 13:19 04 Jul 2009

Tinker Tinker Little Star!! :-))

  PO79 13:21 04 Jul 2009

In the past I've used both digital and analogue connection on graphics cards, and to be absolutely honest I've never noticed any difference to the picture quality betwixt one and t'other. Then again I'm getting old, my eysight is fading, my hearing is going, bits are falling of, now why did I come in here, let me think................. oh good here comes matron.

  retep888 13:51 04 Jul 2009

Analogue connection supports only upto resolution of 1920x1200.

If you need higher resolution i.e.2560x1600, you'll need digital connection.

  DieSse 15:32 04 Jul 2009

"What advantage is there (if any) to using a digital connection rather than analogue?"

Graphics cards are internally digital. LCD monitors are internally digital. To use an analogue cable, a D/A followed by a A/D converter must be used. To use the digital cable, no converters are in the circuit. Thus a digital connector is necessarily better.

However, as you have seen for yourself, current A/D circuits are pretty good and there may be little visible difference.

My monitor has both digital and analogue inputs - this means I can use it on two systems at once, one via the digital connection (my main system) and a second system via analogue when "fixing" systems. Simple switching between then with three button pushes on the front of the monitor - great facility!

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