Another Voyager 1055 Adaptor Problem

  Charenton 11:11 15 Jan 2008

Last year I had a problem with my Voyager 1055 adaptor which was solved almost immediately with your help. I now have a another problem with the same adaptor.

I have come by a used Dell Inspiron 8500 Laptop from a relative. All software has been removed except XP Pro, IE, Win Exp. OE & MSN. It doesn't have a wireless card but I believe it may have a Bluetooth card.

I want to give the Laptop to my grandaughter, but before I do I want to download some of the free sofware to install, eg, Virus & Adware stuff.

I have installed the Voyager 1055 software and fitted the adaptor to the laptop. I have entered the security key and I am getting an indication that I am connected to the Voyager 2110 router with an excellent signal. However, when I try to open IE I get the message that I need to be connected to the Internet. I cannot even open the router home page at
It is set up to obtain an IP address automatically

What have I done wrong, and what advice can anyone give me?

THanks in advance for any suggestions.

  ambra4 11:21 15 Jan 2008

Check this posting

click here

  ambra4 11:36 15 Jan 2008

“I cannot even open the router home page at”

It is strongly recommended by All router suppliers that you use a physically connected cable to the Router via a Ethernet RJ45 cable for router setup.

Using a wireless connected computer for setup is NOT recommended to access router setup at any time.

  Charenton 11:48 15 Jan 2008

Thanks for that ambra4, i'll give it a go via cable.

  Charenton 15:53 15 Jan 2008

I haven't tried your advice yet ambra4 as I had to go out. I have just re-read what you said and noticed the post where you said to download the latest driver. I had missed that earlier.

I did download the latest driver the last time when I had the earlier problem. I have the driver software on a memory stick and I used it this time when installing the software on the Dell 8500.

The Voyager 2110 installation instructions say you only have to enter your details via the first time you install the router. My existing PC works fine to the router.

If I connect the Dell 8500 to my working router via a cable what can I expect to see, and what do I do when connected.

Sorry to sound naive, but I am.

  ambra4 17:17 15 Jan 2008

Ok this is what you have to do go to this posting and set up the Lan card and your network connection as the instructions

click here

Once you have complete the above connect cable from router to LAN port on laptop

Enable the local area connection if disable via Setting-Network Connection

You should now be able to surf the Internet and have access to the router set up page

  ambra4 17:33 15 Jan 2008

"You should now be able to surf the Internet and have access to the router set up page"

Via the hard wire connection

“I have entered the security key and I am getting an indication that I am connected”

Setting Up The Wireless System in the Router

By default some wireless router come setup with the manufacture name as the SSID address 3Com, Linksys, Belkin etc,

You should change the SSID address to a name you want to give your Wireless Network, 452john06 / Access the router and click the Wireless section in the router setting

You have to set-up the Wireless Network Name the SSID address on the router first

ezyclip01 etc which would allow you to easily identify your network

You should also change the Wireless Channel # the default is normally Channel 11 which most persons uses so change it to 6 / 8 this will save you having interferences and low signal quality from other network close by using channel 11

Write it down; or save on a flash drive as the same SSID name and Channel # and Security Code must be used on All wireless device when setting then up to access your wireless system

Do not set-up the security system as yet

Save the setting and log out of router

Disable the Lan cable on the laptop and connect the wireless adapter.

Try connecting to the SSID name that you set up in the router and make sure that you can browse the Internet first.

If you get it wrong the router will not allow the wireless device to connect to the wireless system or allow access to the Internet
Check that the wireless card is Enable from inside the Network Connection Area on the laptop only

Start-Setting-Network Connection-Right click-Wireless Area Connection-Enable or Disable as required

Some times you have to Disable and Enable before the card will connect to the wireless system

  ambra4 17:52 15 Jan 2008

Once you can access the internet via the wireless adapter you than set up the security network code

Hope you understand all the above

  Charenton 18:10 15 Jan 2008

ambra4, I told you I was naive, now I'm confused as well.

My router already has a SSID and my existing laptop works fine wirelessly. When my daughter visits she just connects to my router by entering the security key. After installing the driver, why can't the Dell 8500 connect to the router via the 1055 adapter just by entering the security key. In fact, as I said earlier the indications are it's connected but it won't connect to the Internet.

Do I need to connect the 8500 to the router by cable and check the settings before trying wirelessly?

Sorry for being so dense.

  ambra4 19:24 15 Jan 2008

"When my daughter visits she just connects to my router by entering the security key"

Once the router and wireless device is set up correct there is no need to keep entering the security key

By just starting up the laptop and connection to the correct SSID you should have Internet access

“Do I need to connect the 8500 to the router by cable and check the settings before trying wirelessly?”

The short answer is Yes

By setting up the laptop Lan card and accessing the Internet, you would know that you can access the internet via the hard wire system

And just work on connecting the wireless side of system and not be thinking if you have pc, windows, router, or phone line problems etc

  Charenton 15:01 16 Jan 2008

Thanks for that ambra4, all seems OK now.

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