Another teeny-weeny Firefox 3 problem

  Chris the Ancient 16:05 27 Aug 2008

When I had Firefox 2, I also used spoofstick (what was a great little add-on). This is no longer supported in Firefox 3 :-((

I have removed the defunct add-in. But, if I right click toolbars and try to customise them, spoofstick is still lurking in there in the drop-down menu. In the menu customising facility, there is no entry there to allow removal of the defunct label.

I have been to the Firefox help forum and looked to see if there is a way of removing this label; but with no luck.

I have done a search in the registry with Revo Uninstaller, regseeker and regedit and there's no mention of spoofstick.

Not the end of the world, I agree; But any ideas how I might get rid of this non-existant facility in the toolbars/customise facility?

  Technotiger 16:30 27 Aug 2008

What if you click on Restore Default when you go to Customize?

  Chris the Ancient 16:40 27 Aug 2008

It disappears!! You clever thing.


Many thanks.


  Technotiger 16:56 27 Aug 2008

Grreat, thought it might LoL ....

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