Another SpyBot u/d 15th August 2003

  krypt1c 23:09 15 Aug 2003


  krypt1c 23:28 15 Aug 2003

Another FYI. When I tried to download the updates 2 of them failed with 'bad checksum' so I assume a bit of a cock up at SpyBot HQ.
The failures were Application updater & Integrated tools

  Andsome 07:43 16 Aug 2003

NO PROBLEM. See my posting click here

  rawprawn 08:54 16 Aug 2003

Thanks Andsome

  krypt1c 11:17 16 Aug 2003

Thanks for that 'Andsome. Download from Aus site aok - K

  spuds 13:34 16 Aug 2003

Thanks Andsome for the Aus download info. Works a treat.

  Andsome 15:53 17 Aug 2003

Ain't I just gorgeous?

  powerless 16:17 17 Aug 2003

Oh no.

  Andsome 18:05 17 Aug 2003

Oh yes I am

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