Another Secuity Software query.

  john bunyan 17:44 08 Feb 2011

I am about to buy my 16 year old grand daughter a laptop- after GCSE's she is doing 4 A levels including Maths.She is quite computer literate but not , in my view, as concerned with anti virus etc as I (a bit of an obsessive on this) am.
I use PC Tools firewall, Avira a/v, SAS, MBAM and Spywareblaster anti malware that is updated daily and manually and scanned frequently. I frankly do not think she would be as assiduous so am thinking of a paid for suite such as AVG, Kapersky, McAfee etc. that wold automatically update and scan. My local shop prefers AVG pro. Would such a suite be reasonably secure, or would MS Security Advisor be good enough? Reccomendations on as foolproof a suite would be welcome. ( I will do occasional ATI images etc)

  The Kestrel 18:52 08 Feb 2011

You could start with PCA's own review of security suites click here

  robin_x 19:13 08 Feb 2011

Use the above and the following.
Avira is as good as any. No need for a paid for suite.

Ask her to use Firefox and have Adblock Plus plug-in
(or whichever browsers support it)

Install HOSTS file from
click here
There may be a way for HOSTS to be updated automatically (Google/FAQs) or do it when you make an image for her.

If you are not around, Avira have a nice scan boot CD/USB .iso. Download and burn. (uunetbootin for USB)
She can stick it in and let a scan run if problems.
click here

WinPatrol in background to stop changes to system or start up files.
It does not clash with other AV stuff.
click here;1

Tell her to click popups with care. Use Ctrl-Alt-Del Taskmanager to end them if suspicious.

She will now be very unlikely to succumb to a virus.
But the laptop will be promptly dropped or stolen

  Woolwell 19:18 08 Feb 2011

This was an interesting review in a different mag click here however Norton 2011 consistently comes top in most reviews.

  john bunyan 19:21 08 Feb 2011

Thanks for the suggestions, and from The Kestrel.
Like teenagers of this age the problem is such sites as Facebook etc.Also "housekeeping" a PC is not a high enough priority for them.She comes around about once a week so I hope to be able to try to keep her attuned to these things, but her PC will live at her house most of the time. I think I will buy a USB HD and do an ATI clone or image from time to time , and get her to use Synch Toy to back up data.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:34 08 Feb 2011

Assuming Windows 7 on a new PC.

set Automatic updates to on
Set windows Firewall ON

Download and install Microsoft Security Essentials click here
MSE will autoupdate with windows updates.

Install spywareblaster to sit in the background as a "blocker" (uses no resources just blocks malicious sites)

Back up MSE with the free version of Malwarebytes / SAS and update and scan with them when she lets you have the machine every week or so.

Essential thing is you get her to back up her data on a regular basis.

Nieces laptop packed up and she hadn't back up her Uni stuff forunately it was just a loose battery that caused the problem but it taught her a lesson. (0:

  tigertop2 21:09 08 Feb 2011

No contest in my opinion. Get Microsoft Security Essentials. It is free, light on its feet and compatible with just about anything you will ever through at it. It has just been upgraded to version 2 with improved heuristics. I long ago gave up thinking about using any paid for version

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