Another Scam

  paddy75 10:17 05 Oct 2005

Just recieved this e mail but unfortunately some people will be taken in.Paddy FROM THE DESK OF; DR. ABOKI ZAWA.
Email:[email protected]

Honourable Contractor,

This is to inform you that by a legislative resolution
reached on the 27th of January 2005, following complaints
and petitions received by the Minister of Finance from both
local and foreign contractors over the non-payment of their
over due contract claim, this commission on fact finding on
contract awards and payments was inaugurated to ascertain
the genuiness of the petition and to recommend a final
solution to this effect.

We are pleased to inform you that we have verified every
aspect of your payment and have submitted a written report
to the minister. This commission has validated your
contract and shall transfer your payment upon receiving
your confirmation because there are mixed up in your
payment details. There is also a Mexican Bank Account
details from this man,who claims to be your foreign
partner, thereby contradicting your earlier account details
forwarded to us.


1. Did you at any point transfer your debt claim to one Mr.
Fernandez Gomez whose bank name and account number is
written below, to claim and receive the payment on your

2. His claim was backed with a "Deed of Agreement" in his
favor thereby indicating the fund destination to the
following account. Account name Mr. Fernandez Gomez, Bank
name: H. S. B. C. Account No 6179172979.

You are required to as a matter of urgency confirm the
legitimacy of the above claim and the reason for such
change. In event you did not authorize such claim, Please
confirm to us immediately by stating your authentic account
details, contract number and amount for authentication and
normalization through the above email address.

All letters must be directed to the Chairman of the
commission DR.ABOKI ZAWA. You are to submit this
authentication before the transfer will be effected as we
are bound to recognize Mr. Fernandez Gomez's claim and
release the payment if we do not receive your submission to
this enquiry as quickly as possible.

Yours faithfully,

DR. Aboki Zawa.
Chairman of the committee.

  nick_j007 10:25 05 Oct 2005

What a load of BS!

I saw a site a while back called scamthescammers or something similar...very funny it was too.


  Methedrine 10:28 05 Oct 2005

Post it on here click here

These guys might be able to do something about it to stop others being ripped off.

  dazza39 10:43 05 Oct 2005

Ahh yes,bit like the Nigerian scams asking to hold money in an account for them,yeah right,i spot these things when they appear and get deleted.

  nick_j007 10:51 05 Oct 2005

click here

Some rude language on this link, but funny none the less.

  spuds 11:15 05 Oct 2005

click here click here click here

I seem to get these 'rewarding offers' mailed direct to my home address nowadays. The envelopes always seem to bear a UK stamp with a mailing list label.My latest one was yesterday from Mr David Maposa Achomba, the eldest son of Mr Maposa Achomba of Zimbabwe. Shouldn,t have told you that, as I have broken my confidential trust in any future transactions. Gee, there's 20% of twenty million US$20m lost forever.

  Stuartli 11:26 05 Oct 2005

Well if, by any remote chance they are, it will serve them right...:-)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:50 05 Oct 2005

If the letter was real it would obviously be a fraudulent transaction so anyone taken in by this (and there are these idiots about) deserves to lose every penny and some. Even a moron would be able to see that it would be fraudulent.


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