Another question, this time about which hard-drive

  Bennythejet 10:35 28 Feb 2003

3rd thread I have started in recent days but they are all different questions so apologies to all. I might have to get a new hard-drive, 40GB as my motherboard probably won't recognise anything higher as my PC is a few years old. I have found one at Komplett: click here
Sorry I don't know how to do links (how stupid am I!). If anyone can get onto the site can they tell me if this hard-drive seems reasonable? I have been told to make sure its 7200 speed but apart from that I don't know what else to look for

  €dstow 10:50 28 Feb 2003

Nearly all my drives (20 or so) are this make and model.

They sit there working away and I don't normally give them a thought.

Highly recommended but have a look around for better prices.


  Gongoozler 10:51 28 Feb 2003

Hi Bennythejet. This is a superb drive, and it is a similar price at E-Buyer and Dabs. I recently fitted the 32G version to my Daughters computer. If your computer is more than about 5 years old it may not recognise above 32G (it depends on the BIOS). Otherwise it should be ok on much larger drives. In reality unless you are storing movie files 40G should be adequate anyway. If you are running a version of Windows 98, you may find the shutdown behaves strangely with a 7200rpm hard drive. In my Daughters computer, which has an AT motherboard, it no longer displays the "It is now safe to switch off .." screen, but this is a common phenomenon and doesn't cause any problems. The 7200rpm does give noticeably faster file access, but non phenomenally so.

You will notice that you have cracked the problem of pasting links, but it doesn't work properly for Microsoft KnowledgeBase links.

  Bennythejet 11:21 28 Feb 2003

Excellent, thanks for the advice. I have received good advice elsewhere on this board regarding my current 12GB hard-drive from Powerless and will be spending this weekend trying to sort it out in the hope that I don't have to spend any money! If I can't fix the problems then I will but this hard-drive.

  [email protected]βÖ¥ ™ 11:36 28 Feb 2003

I had this exact drive. Worked a dream for about 6 months. It broke down, so I sent it back to Maxtor and they sent me back a Diamond Max 9 which was even better and a lot quiter.

These are both excellent drives though.

  woodchip 11:51 28 Feb 2003

I love Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm

  goonerbill 12:12 28 Feb 2003

heres a link to find the best prices on hard drives click here personnal choice would be seagate, as said by woodchip. never had a fault on 1, cant say that about other makes

  goonerbill 12:16 28 Feb 2003

forgot to say, have used komplett and there delivery service is great. got items in 2 days and thats from norway during all that snow the other week.

  Bennythejet 12:29 28 Feb 2003

Excellent, food for thought as there is little difference in price (it seems the Seagate is about £5 cheaper through Komplett). Thanks guys

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