Another printer problem!

  Creditman 17:27 29 Feb 2004

Using HP PSC 2115 with Windows XPhome, trying to print photos from My Pictures. Going thru Print Wizard procedure which ends with little green dashes to show its printing - except it does'nt. Printer icon shows document pending, also showing in the print queue. I had this once before & solved it by hibernating & restarting. But now I can't hibernate, message appears " The service Print Spooler is preventing machine from entering hibernation.Try stopping this service".So I go into printer properties - advanced settings & try to alter print spooler setting but it won't let me because there is a outstanding print job! So I cancel this print job, but altho it's status changes to "deleting" nothing happens. So I am back to square 1. Any bright ideas please ? Thanks

  anon1 17:36 29 Feb 2004

Did you get any software with your camera?
I would suggest using anything other than the print wizzard might be an idea. You could also check for updates to the printer drivers. There are many photo softwares available from cover discs etc.

  Creditman 17:52 29 Feb 2004

Yes I have got other photo-printing software but the printwizard offers the best selection of layouts & I have been using it without problems for some months now. I have now got round original problem by switching off & rebooting but this is a pain & does'nt help me understand what went wrong in 1st place or why the print spooler should prevent hibernation. So I would still appreciate words of wisdom!!

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