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  User-178362 04:30 13 Apr 2006

Why is it? 1) When I put a pic on a disk in a folder contain pic that has already been burnt to that disk. On changing my mind, I go into the folder to delete the pic. The folder still has an arrow indicating picture to be burnt? 2)I then delete the folder which goes into the recycle bin. The folder is still on disk minus the arrow, meaning there is nothing to be burnt. 3 How come it let me delete the folder, but will not let me delete a pic because I cannot really delete, as it's already burnt? Get your head round that if you can. Looking back at my threads I cannot understand them myself, so goodness knows how you manage to.

  pj123 16:27 13 Apr 2006

Oops! more info needed. What type of disk are you burning this to? Floppy disk?. CDR? CD-RW? DVD-R DVD/RW etc..

What folder are you burning it from?

What program are you using to burn it with etc.

  User-178362 17:34 13 Apr 2006

XP Pro,Windows 97, CDR. Burning using XP. I am taking the picture from "My Picture folder" that came with the PC. Just cannot understand why it will let me delete the folder when I know I cannot delete the pic inside the folder.

  pj123 17:46 13 Apr 2006

Sorry, but you are not explaining this very well.

You say Win XP Pro. What is Windows 97?
You say you are burning a picture from "My Picture" folder, which I assume is on your Hard disk?

Where are you burning this picture to? Is it actually being successfully burnt to the CDR?

You say "Just cannot understand why it will let me delete the folder when I know I cannot delete the pic inside the folder."

I see no reason why you cannot delete any file from any folder on your hard drive.

  User-178362 18:29 13 Apr 2006

Sorry forget 97 that is in Word. Yes it is on the hard drive, do not know where eles it would be. I am burning it onto a CDR disk. I drag from My Pctures in C;\Documents and Settings etc onto my disk, and drop it into a folder called ships click on Copy all items. It is successfully burnt to CDR. The folder I am talking about is on my disk. I have folders with pic in, one is called Ships another is called faimily, this is so that I know where to find my pictures, instead of haveing icons all over. The icons are in the folders, They are only of certain things ie ships, or dogs so when I want to look for a dog I go to the dog folder.

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