Another PC fails to Boot

  PATRIOT 21:17 01 Oct 2007

Another PC fails to boot

Hi to you all, I have an XP pc that will not boot, When I switch on the monitor wakes up then swithces itself off,the pc beeps once and switches off - though some times only the power LED goes off and the HDD led glows slightly. The PC tries to shut down but sometimes the PSU fan stays on even when the power LED is off.
I have tried changing the PSU for a new one but cant get the PC to boot up. I swapped a W98 tower unit in its place, ie connecting to the XP's keyboard/mouse and other periferals. The W98 PC then developed the same symptomd 2 days later.
Any one out there with a solution or similar problem?

  Mr Beeline 21:32 01 Oct 2007

Are you saying that you basically connected a different PC to your Peripherals and the new base unit developed the same fault?

Besides keyboard/mouse/monitor, what else do you have connected?

Do you have another screen to try?

  PATRIOT 19:29 02 Oct 2007

Hi Mr B. I also connected a powered USB hub to the PC. When I switched back, so that the W98 pc was reconnected to it's original peripherals, still no luck. On switching on, the Keyboard and 2 Optical drives LED's briefly glow, then the HDD LED briefly glows, the monitor then tries to switch on and immediately turns itself off followed by the PC. These events do not change with a different monitor. On some occassions, the PSU fan runs but nothing else happens. Both PCs rely on onboard graphics.

  Mr Beeline 17:25 03 Oct 2007

Must admit that I'n at a loss as to what to suggest.

If you've tried the obvious (assumes you can boot of course, so may not be of any use to you):
- Windows event viewer to see if there's been a problem).
- Hardware Manager to see if there's an obvious hardware problem.

The usual way to fault find goes something like this: (I apologise if you know this sort of stuff anyway). Well this is what I would try.

- Go into BIOS and select "default setting" and try booting with this.

- Then try removing the CMOS battery, leaving it half an hour, put it back in and then try booting.

If still no luck:

- Strip offending PC down to bare minimum.
IE. CPU, one stick of memory, one hard drive (the one with the OS on), graphics card (unless onboard graphics)
IE. no optical drivers, USB devices, printer, router or anything else.
Then try again.

- If this works OK, then add removed parts one at a time until you get a problem.

Though I'm still a little confused as to exactly what you've tried so far etc.

Mind you. Rather strange if another PC develops the same fault "after a couple of days". Almost sounds like a virus, or some other nasty. I'm assuming you run the usual sort of things (anti virus, anti spyware. firewall)? Though can't quite understand how one PC could infect another, unless networked previously.

If it was only one PC effected, my first suspicions would be either PSU (but you've tried a replacement), or the motherboard (but how could it be that, as two different PC's appear effected!?).

I'm assuming here, that both PC's worked fine before? and that they are not "new builds"?

Anyone else got any suggestions???

  Mr Beeline 17:30 03 Oct 2007

Assuming I've understood you correctly. Then the only common denominator between the two PC's, is the peripheral devices. So logic suggests it's one of these causing the problem. But how can this be, as you say it was a couple of days before the second PC was effected!

This is certainly an "interesting" problem.

  PATRIOT 20:06 03 Oct 2007

Hi, I tried disconnecting the optical drives and slave HDD drives previously, but I did not reduce the memory. I'll give that a go tomorrow. I can't go into the Bios, since the PC and monitor fail to stay on long enough to select that option. Both PC's had Zone alarms and AVG software, though I did have to shut them down briefly as I set up the broadband on the W98 pc.
Thanks for your thoughts.

  woodchip 20:16 03 Oct 2007

Are you saying that you put the MOBO in another Case and it worked for two day's, if so I would suspect the PSU is not big enough

  Mr Beeline 22:20 03 Oct 2007

Hi again

If you have not tried it, then definitely worth removing the CMOS battery for half an hour. I've known this sort some very strange faults before.

In terms of testing the memory. Try one stick in each socket, then try the other stick in each socket.

Also make sure "all" unnecessary devices are unplugged, however minor they appear (even things like USB memory stick, bluetooth etc.). Sounds silly I know but...

Though quite how two separate PC's are effected, is beyond me.

I think we need to look for common connections between the 2 PC's. EG. have they both been networked to say a 3rd PC?

Good luck.


I got the impression he had tried a different PSU.

  woodchip 11:28 04 Oct 2007

Yes but it may not be big enough

  Mr Beeline 17:39 04 Oct 2007


Fair point. Especially if he has added extra components in say a shop bought PC with a small 250w PSU etc. It was one of my first thoughts.


To eliminate the PSU issue totally. Might be an idea to give us an idea of what components you have in each PC and what the Wattage of the PSU's you've tried are and also what the amperage is on the +12v rail (should be a sticker on the side of the PSU/s.

  PATRIOT 20:16 04 Oct 2007

Hi, to answer Woodchip's first question, I connected the Xp Pc's peripherals only with the W98 pc. The W98 PC then developed the same symptoms as the Xp PC.
Answers to the other concerns are as follows,but not in any order:
The original XP's PSU was rated at 250 Watts (13Amp on +12v rail), the new PSU at 350 watts (12Amp on +12V rail). The W98 PC's psu is 140W(4.2Amp on +12v rail))
XP-drives =2 x hdd, 2x optical, 1 x floppy, + 1 network card only + 1 usb broadband modem & web camera via a powered hub.This machine was networked to a third PC.
W98-drives =1 x hdd, 2x optical, 1 x floppy, + 1 usb broadband modem direct though the web camera may have been connected by the powered hub.It was not networked.
Both Pcs used the same PS2 keyboard/mouse.
I tried resetting the bios by removing the battery. Also swapped the memory cards round and dicnnected all drives except master HDD. No luck there. Does this shed any light on a solution?

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