Another Opera Question.

  rawprawn 14:51 02 Sep 2005

When I click on a link in this forum using Opera, if I then want to go back to the forum how do I do it. In Firefox and IE I simply close the link and I am back in the forum where I was. If I do that in Opera it completely closes OPera. I have tried to "Go back" but that doesn't work so every time I follow a link I am losing the connection in Opera.

  john-232317 14:55 02 Sep 2005

On the top row is a line of open pages, just click on the right of the page you want to close .

  john-232317 14:56 02 Sep 2005

Just started using it myself, seems a bit quicker to me and lots to investigate yet ;-)

  rawprawn 15:23 02 Sep 2005

Thanks for that, but I am trying to limit the number of "Toolbars" that I have open to two.but what you suggest is on the "Page Bar"if I could amalgamate the Page bar and address bar it would suit me fine. I don't like the browser to take up so much room on the screen. Like you I am trying to find my way around it, I am not sure that it's quicker, but I quite like the way it looks and feels. Anyway I like to use different browsers from time to time.

  Pesala 15:33 02 Sep 2005

Middle-click on the link, drag the link to the page bar, right click on the link, and choose from various options to open in a new page etc.

To go back, use the back button or use the mouse gesture "Flipback" — hold the right mouse button down, and press the left mouse button.

  vinnyT 15:39 02 Sep 2005

Go To ;
Tools-preferences-genral, then make sure that the 'open pages in tabs' box is ticked. This should then open clicked on links in a new tabbed window.

Also, rather than clicking the 'goback' button, press the z key on your keyboard. (click x to go forward again.

EG. now I've posted this I will press z twice to get me back to the main forum area again.

Hope this helps.

  rawprawn 15:48 02 Sep 2005

OK guys, thank you all again for your help. I think I have it sussed now, it just seems to have taken me a bit more time to get used to than the others, but I do like it.

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