Another "New" version of BT/Yahoo mail.

  mooly 07:40 18 Sep 2009

Any comments anyone !
To get some of the "enhanced" features such as for attaching images it requires the install of something called yahoomailuploader.exe so having trusty old Acronis on standby I installed it.
It seems to me to cause a lot more processor activity and the fan running a lot more. It takes around 20mb in progs/features and am wondering whether it's another Yahoo addition best left alone. If I close the Yahoo tab on IE8 the activity falls away, the fan hardly runs... just as it was with the "non enhanced" version.

  compumac 08:14 18 Sep 2009

I was only offered the chance to chat with others on line, nothing about images that I could see.

  mooly 10:10 18 Sep 2009

Compose an email and click "attach" to add a file/picture... that's when the fun started. First time it (Windows) said the update was not a"system32 valid file" when I tried to run it.
The "chat" thing appeared a few weeks ago, this is totally different.

  mooly 10:18 18 Sep 2009

Strange... gone back with Acronis (wasn't happy with it all) and all those options have now gone ! when I enter Yahoo and do what I did before.
I'll report back later, certainly the "format" of the page is different, larger fonts etc and less adverts as described by BT when I first logged on this morning (early).

  talyho 11:06 18 Sep 2009

Loged on this mornig that my version had changed, and have you found that the arrow to expand over the adverts on the right hand side has been removed, so you have the adverts all the time, if somone knows how to get rid of them I would like to know

  mooly 11:49 18 Sep 2009

Bit more time now, when I logged on this morning it opened with an explanation of the changes, when I went to "continue" was told that the "page requires Java" which I deleberately didn't install on my fresh Vista OS as nothing yet has asked for it.
Attached an image to an email and was prompted to install "yahoomailupdater-05.exe... which I did after a struggle, as I say running the file gave "not compatable with windows32" message. Shut IE8 down and it offered it again and this time did install.
That seemed to enable multiple attachments to be attached in one go with an image preview of each at the bottom of screen. A new feature, Image size was offered "Web" "Medium" or "Original quality". The web option cut things down to around 45kb size. Loads of other 3rd party options and add ons to install ?
Even now as I type this... and all back as it was thanks to Acronis, when I open the BT/Yahoo email tab (the dedicated email page... not which is the "new version" there is a lot of processor activity, and the fan coming on a lot. Close that tab and all's well, processor at 2 to 5% and practically zero fan operation, runs for several minutes before cutting in for a few seconds. Open Yahoo tab and fan is on more than it's off, sometimes running at high speed. Haven't installed anything new or made any system changes at all since reinstalling Vista 5 weeks ago.

  Zeppelyn 12:04 18 Sep 2009

Im still using what they call BT Yahoo mail classic and although I have noticed some slight changes, attaching images etc is still the same as always. Are you referring to whats labelled "Try the new BT Yahoo Mail" option that shows on the header?

  mooly 12:13 18 Sep 2009

no, that appeared months ago. Found this,
click here

I also remember reading somewhere (ages ago) that as a BT customer and using BT/Yahoo as primary email that if there is an "F" for farm in the address at the top of the page that you are being used to test stuff without your knowledge. Don't know how true that is.

  mooly 12:18 18 Sep 2009

Also and this may be coincidental but when logging on to PCA from a link in an email (Thread notification) PCA freezes with the dreaded IE8 has stopped responding. Hasn't done this opening PCA at any time before today and doesn't seem to do it either when opening from IE8 favourites etc, just when opening from email link on Yahoo.
Can't explain or understand that one...

  Zeppelyn 12:42 18 Sep 2009

Whats that link got to do with this, thats on about the Yahoo homepage. I avoid anything Yahoo and only put up with the mail page as its part of the BT package.

  mooly 13:02 18 Sep 2009

My home page is that's what the url is anyway at the top. Dedicated email, not which has email on it along with loads of other stuff. So you must be seeing the same as me if you have the classic and new options.
And today it's (the new email) is all different. And today is the day it's all falling to pieces. IE8 from links from that page have "stopped responding" at least 6 times this morning. Never happened once before.
I stopped using "classic mail" back in April/May and found the new version OK but with very small fonts and text. The version that appeared today specifically mentioned that failing as part of the introduction box that appeared and that message led on to all the other options, the "you need Java" and so on, and the "install updater" to be able to manage attachments better etc.

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