Another network in need of help!!!!

  dan boy 20:31 23 Feb 2004


Just got Tiscali broadband 3x. Works fine on my pc but i want to connect it to the one downstairs. I have bought a USB ADSL router and 30m of cat5e patch cable. I am not sure why but i can't seem to share anything even though it does say the LAN connection is enabled.

Im not sure whether ive set it up right either....

Modem - usb to back of pc
RJ-11 to filter

Router - power lead to socket in wall
usb to back of pc
Cat5e 2m to back of my pc
Cat5e 30m to back of pc downstairs

(is that correct, ive also got another RJ-11 port but i dont know where this goes to, can't go to filter as i dont have any spare ports on it)

Thnx in advance


  dan boy 20:43 23 Feb 2004

Modem - usb to back of pc, RJ-11 to filter

Router - power lead to socket in wall, usb to back of pc, Cat5e 2m to back of my pc, Cat5e 30m to back of pc downstairs

  bremner 20:49 23 Feb 2004

The set up should be:

Modem to router by Cat5 or USB

Then a Cat5 cable from the router to each PC

  dan boy 21:03 23 Feb 2004

there's no cat5e socket on the modem so thats a no and it's USB 1.0 on both and i dont have one of those leads. I have a USB 1.0 to 2.0 lead only. Does that mean i need to buy a usb 1.0 to usb 1.0 lead........


  dan boy 21:04 23 Feb 2004

What about that extra RJ-11 on the back of the router.......should that be connected to anything? It says DSL underneath the actuall socket.......what should it be connected to?

tnx again

  bremner 21:35 23 Feb 2004

So the connections are:

Modem to Router using the USB cable.

One of the router ethernet ports to PC1 by Cat5
Another of the router ethernet ports to PC2 by CAT5.

It does not matter if you do not use all the ethernet ports on the router.

If there is still a problem post details of the make/model of the modem and router

  dan boy 08:09 24 Feb 2004

Its an ORIGO ADSL router 8400 series. The modem is a sagem USB ADSL supplied by tiscali.


the modem and router are NOT connected, is this what i am doing wrong!!!! (both connected to back of pc by seperate leads!)

Both the modem and router, have the old USB 1 ports on the back and i dont have a wire with two USB 1 connectors on!!!! Do i need to buy one of these!! (only have wire with one USB 1 and one USB 2)

  bremner 17:28 24 Feb 2004

Yes the modem and router MUST be connected to each other.

Think of the router as the splitter of a signal.

The sigal comes into the router from the modem and is then split into four individual feeds which go to the PC's.

Yes you will need to connect USB to USB.

  dan boy 17:42 24 Feb 2004

thanks alot Bremner, you really helped me there, ill buy another lead (USB - USB tomoz)

thanks again


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