Another .Net Framework 3.5 update question

  john bunyan 20:31 04 Feb 2009

I have XP Pro, with MCE, Photoshop CS4 and Roxio Creator 2009 among others are important. In my innocence, I thought I had downloaded and installed the recent .NET Framework 3.5 update. In fact a number of problems ensued - I suspect that the programme update did not properly install. Roxio failed to launch except for a splash - their forum says do not install the MS uodate! Also I lost the Uninstall tab in the Install / uninstall in Control panel. In the end cloned back to before the update and blocked the promt - now MS is saying I should install it. What to do?? I do not want to find the same problems again.

  grey george 20:46 04 Feb 2009

I would email Roxio support to see if they are going to issue a patch to correct the incompatibility.

  john bunyan 21:06 04 Feb 2009

Good Idea, will do.

  john bunyan 11:55 05 Feb 2009

Whilst waiting for an answer from Roxio, has anyone here with XP and Roxio Creator 2009, successfully installed the .NET Framework 3.5 update, recently, with no problems for the Roxio programme?

  provider 2 13:06 05 Feb 2009

I think there might be quite a lot involved in trying to sort this one.

My neighbour`s Dell laptop came with a crippled (trial) version of Roxio installed which, after much tearing-out of hair and wasted hours of experiment, turned out to be the cause of DVD playback stuttering on both sound and vision.

A process called RoxWatchTray9 exe. click here was the culprit, and I had to use RevoUninstaller to get rid of it, after which it`s been fine.

Roxio seems to be fairly dependent on the .NET Framework and, of course, this massive update might have been expected to stir up some problems.

(Dell Inspiron, XP Media Center Editon)

  john bunyan 13:18 05 Feb 2009

Yes, I have had a lot of grief with this and the Roxio Support is slow. Their Forum is reasonably helpful, but for now I have stopped my system from downloading the .NET Framework 3.5 update ultill this is sorted. There is advice from Roxio on uninstall / clean re install, but it is long winded and involves extensive registry editing. (And the Roxio Forum says do not install the MS update)I wish these software suppliers would get their act together.

  Graphicool1 13:39 05 Feb 2009

Hi john bunyan - I can't help you regarding ROXIO and it's problems. I used to use it but had so much trouble I got rid of it a long while ago.

The reason I'm adding to this thread is more to do with .NET Framework 3.5. I have just installed it. I won't however go into the details. It is just to say that before I went for the install I was led to believe that there was no good reason to install it. That it had no security value and was mainly for programmers. However, after making my own inquieries with Microsoft it transpired that both assumptions - albeit, well meaning - were wrong. There are in fact some 30 patches and fixes for past .NET Frameworks and SP's...
click here

  john bunyan 17:04 05 Feb 2009

Thanks for the link. I want to instal this update, but the problems it caused took a lot of time to sort out. I am used to Roxio, mainly for music editing and disc management, so would like to keep it. I think I will do another Acronis True Image 11 image of my c: drive and try again - then I could go back if it does cause the problems. I will also wait until (if!!) I hear from Roxio Support on this issue.Glad your update went well!

  john bunyan 18:19 05 Feb 2009

Having read ( briefly) some of the MS forum notes. I wonder if registry cleaning has removed something from an earlier .Net Framework installation. The Install would still show as being there but the update may not work. Is there an easy way to check the integrity of one's .Net framework files? I use Ccleaner for reg cleaning but also used Eusing and suspect it was a bit aggressive. I am on XP Pro with all .Net Framework up to 3.5 but not yet the update due to the above.

  provider 2 22:42 05 Feb 2009

I`ve been using the Eusing reg cleaner for a couple of years now and never had any problems with it. Though it does go like greased lightning, I`ve found it is reliable ... Chinese attention to detail, perhaps.

It`s been ok with XP SP3 and now .NET Framework 3.5 though there was quite a bit of fuss from Comodo firewall Defence+ at the time of installing the latter, and the Comodo log shows 148 files modified.

V3.5 of .NET effectively over-writes the files of V2 as well as installing V3 with a couple of KB fixes added on for good measure at the end ... thse are listed in Add/Remove as Hotfix SP1 for v3 for some unknown reason. Exactly how you would go about checking the installation files for v1.1 +Hotfix KB whatever, then v2 I`m not quite sure, but I imagine they might be listed in Ms site in the developers` section(s).

They should be in ADD/Remove ... show updates, on your own system, however.

  john bunyan 08:27 06 Feb 2009

Thanks for your advice. I have found a verification tool developer - aaron stebner - that may check files. I have AVG8 and Commodo,as well. I think I will :a) Create a ACI 11 image of my c: drive with my system files. b) Try to check existing .Net Framework files with the tool. c) Clean uninstall Roxio,d) Try to update my .NET Framework 3.5 ,e) Re - install Roxio. Ay least that way , if all goes wrong, I can use the image to restore to where I am. I suspect a restore point would not do the trick, but will create one at the srart anyway. Will do this in the next few days and report back.

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