Another laptop to router problem

  Akinbiyi 08:29 06 Jul 2007

I have a Vista PC & a XP PC connected to a new Belkin router. Both worked fine with a BT Homehub router in the same position in the house. The XP PC works fine, but the Vista PC sometimes won't connect to the internet. When you click the wireless connection icon in the system tray, it should say 'local and internet' but often says 'local' and the internet is not accessible. I've tried changing the wireless channel on the router, as per Belkin's helpline advice, but to no avail. If I disconnect and reconnect to the network, or remove and re-install the network connection, maybe after a few times it will connect for a while - 5 minutes, a few hours, whatever. Then it will lose the internet connection and maybe a few hours later re-connect automatically.

Belkin's helpline is insisting there is a fault with the PC, but I suspect it is a strength of signal problem, even though the signal strength is fair or good.

Any ideas, anyone?

  FreeCell 12:50 06 Jul 2007

Try fixed IP address on Vista PC.

Try disabling (deselecting)Internet TCP/IP Ver 6 on vista wireless network connection protocols, but retain Internet TCP/IP ver 4.

Had similar problems on Vista machine but with a Thompson SpeedTouch router. Main resolution to this was update to firmware, but as your Belkin is new firmware should be okay. Maybe worth looking at Belkin support site/forum for Vista issues.

  Akinbiyi 19:40 07 Jul 2007

Your answers didn't help. Eventually, I googled 'belkin router vista problem' and found a Spanish site with the following advice, which I repeat below in case anyone has this problem:

Having spent many hours with various technical supporters - Belkin, Dell, Microsoft and other Fora I finally got the problem sorted.

Follow the steps below - make sure that you are logged-on as Administrator.

(You can click on start (Windows symbol on the bottom right corner) then type 'cmd'. Right click on 'cmd' in Programs panel and choose run as administrator)

In the DOS window type the text following the '>'

C: \ Windows\system32> netsh int ip show int 'Enter'

This gave me:

Idx Met MTU State Name

1 50 4294967295 Connected Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1

10 25 1500 Connected Wireless Network Connection

9 20 1500 Connected Local Area Connection

Then type:

C: \ Windows\system32> netsh int ip set interface 10 mtu=1400 store=persistent 'Enter'


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