another ISP offers £40 8meg broadband

  david.h 17:18 15 Nov 2004

I have just seen that UK ONLINE are matching BULLDOGS 8 meg £40 broadband. Will this start forcing other ISP's to increase there speeds for much less. with the phone line rental included they do look good deals

  JIM 19:05 15 Nov 2004

click here

Many conditions attached plus i do not like the following.


How close do I need to be to the exchange to get 8Mb and what happens if I can’t get 8Mb?


We believe that 8Mb will reach out to around 2km from the exchange which means around 50% of homes will be able to get the full speed. If your line won’t support 8Mbps we will install it and set it as fast as possible. If we are not able to guarantee at least 2Mb we will offer you an alternative service.

Saying that it must get all competition thinking?

  david.h 19:56 15 Nov 2004

thanks for the note, I waiting to see if more ISP's follow suit now that independant ISP's can fit there own equipment at the exchanges.

  CurlyWhirly 22:01 15 Nov 2004

I always was lead to believe that the LIMITING factor was how far you were from the exchange and the 'noise level' (in decibels) of your telephone line NOT whether independent ISP's can fit their own ADSL equipment.
Have I missed something here?

  woodchip 22:10 15 Nov 2004

What do you want to do????? send a Video link from IRAQ

  david.h 08:19 16 Nov 2004

viewing films over the net should be better i hope was a faster speed. you have to be within 2k of the exchange with the fitted gear as curlywhirly says

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