Another "internet connects but no access" help!!

  EvertonHero 14:36 27 Jun 2008

Hey all, long time reader 1st time poster

im not the best at explaining computer problems so go easy on me & sorry if im going on :D

i have looked and found similar problems to mine but none exact the same and im still stuck.

ok erm my layout anyway,

Modem (motorola black SB5100 SURFboard cable

> Router (wireless & wired) - Linksys WRT54GS

> This pc (working perfect using a wire no problems)

> laptop in other room (wired & working perfect)

> computer downstairs - Wireless, shows as connected, low signal (usually high/excellent), wont connect to internet

ive tried moving some of the setting explained in other recent threads but to no joy,

I brought the tower upstairs to connect to the net thru a wire, once again it pickes up the connection straight away but wont go on the internet!

so with the tower upstairs i pluged the wireless back in and it show connected - excellent signal strength but still no internet...

Ive run cmd & used ping but it wont detect any hosts,

Ive changed the advanced Protocol setting to Def Gateway but no joy so i changed it back.

Im not sure how i have caused this but i was trying to connect all 3 computers for filesharing etc i did manage to get a connection for all 3 but when i come across this problem i THINK i have ended this connection but im not 100% sure, hoping that if i reversed what i had done it might work again! wishful thinking haha

Sorry if i have missed out some stupidly obvious information needed just give me a shout and ill sort it.

Thanks alot for you're time hope to hear from any of you soon! Thanks again,


  dawood 16:20 27 Jun 2008

Having good wireless signal does not mean you have connected to the wireless network click here

Basically you need to configure the wireless setting on wireless router, then also configure the wireless adapter to match the setting on wireless router and connect to it. Here is a simple wireless network setup tutorial to help you click here

Hopefully it helps..

  EvertonHero 18:32 27 Jun 2008

hmm i see what you mean....

but when i plug this pc in via the same wire i use on the other 2 it doesnt work.

is there some sort of settings i need to adjust specifically on that pc?

thanks for the reply

  Ashrich 21:47 28 Jun 2008

Did you try the TCP/IP and Winsock reset from a command prompt at all ?


  EvertonHero 23:20 28 Jun 2008

thx for the help every1, am not to sure how i done it but its all working normal now......

i just kept resetting the router an eventualy it wrked kinda!?

cyas all soon

  dawood 03:33 29 Jun 2008

Sometimes the problem might be caused by the router and a simple reboot will solve it, you can try to upgrade the router firmware and see whether it will solve the problem permanently.. :)

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