Another IE8 problem.

  Bald Eagle 20:03 23 May 2009

My daughter has just phoned from the UK. Running XP.She got the update message from Microsoft which said IE8 was available. She downloaded it from their site and got some AOL garbage that wouldn't let her access her email. On my advice she removed IE8 which I understood would re enable IE7, this is indeed now viewable in Add/Remove programs. However, when she clicks on the blue "e" to start the IE7 program it says looking for Google (her homepage) the green bar goes across fully and then the page closes and she is left with her desktop background. She has tried restore right back to a date in April but no good! She has a separate icon for accessing TalkTalk and this works so she has internet access just no way of getting onto it! Any ideas?

BE in Brittany.

  rdave13 21:05 23 May 2009

Try start- all programs- accessories- system tools and select internet explorer (no addons). If IE7 opens then go to tools- internet options- advanced tab and reset IE to default settings. Could be a toolbar or other addon causing the problem.

  Bald Eagle 21:42 23 May 2009

Got daughter to do your suggestion but she just gets a plain page with with the blue "e" but no toolbar with "tools" etc on it.

  phono 22:03 23 May 2009

"she just gets a plain page with with the blue "e" but no toolbar with "tools" etc on it."

Right click at the top of the browser window and select menu bar from the drop down menu which appears. The menu toolbar should now appear.

  Bald Eagle 08:52 24 May 2009

Thanks for that phono, will be a while before I come back due to daughter being out. I believe that there is a facility to run a repair scan that repairs corrupt files,how do we access it? Also her computer has a factory backup on disk "D" could we access this just for IE7? Finally, is it possible for her brother to download IE7 for her and save it to disk which she can then load into her machine?

  phono 21:56 24 May 2009

How to repair/reinstall IE7 and IE8 in XP and Vista click here

  rdave13 22:23 24 May 2009

I would be inclined to try a system restore to just before the problem. Disconnect from internet and stop security programs running, including any real time scanning antispyware apps, then try system restore.

  phono 22:38 24 May 2009

As per BE's initial post, "She has tried restore right back to a date in April but no good!"

  rdave13 23:03 24 May 2009

Aye but not sure if system restore worked and no good or if system restore was no good...if you see what I mean.
Failing that then system file checker; click here , might not work if no XP CD and if SP3 installed. Also any type of repair is risky so back-up everything first.

  phono 00:10 25 May 2009

"might not work if no XP CD and if SP3 installed"

As long as the Service Packs have been slipstreamed there is no reason why SFC should not to work.

I have used SFC without problems on an original XP installation which had all Services Packs installed by slipstreaming with the original installation CD.

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