Another Formatting Prob ?

  Furkin 19:32 20 Oct 2008

I am having a problem when trying to cut'n'paste images from Photoshop 7 to MS-Word.
I've used thgis same method for years without a problem:
I have scanned my signature to use on my mailings.
I write a letter in MS-Word, then in DRAW mode I put a Text box at the appropriate place at the bottom of the letter, then cut'n'paste the signature.
Over the past few weeks when I click 'Paste' instead of getting the image, I get - what I assume is a Formatting code -
This is always in 'curly' brackets,,,,
I've looked at Formatting,,,, but can't see where I have made a mistake.
Any ideas please ?


  Furkin 13:29 21 Oct 2008

As I seem to be able to cut'n'paste as normal using Open-Office, I am 'guessing' it's a MS-Word (Office)prob !

  Pineman100 14:32 21 Oct 2008

Inserting your signature should be simple if you use the Insert menu.

Place your cursor where you want to signature to appear, then click Insert>Picture>From file.

Browse to your signature file, click on it, then click Insert.

  Furkin 15:27 21 Oct 2008

Thanks Pineman, What we have is a page of a dozen or so signatures in Word.
When any of us write a letter, or use a different department, we can pick the appropriate signature & cut'n'paste to our current letter.
What I usually do is scan a signature into Photoshop 7 to clean/crop etc.
Then I 'usually' just cut'n'paste into the signature page.
This is how i've always done it, & it's always worked.
I did manage to use this routine with Open-Office yesterday,,,,,,, so am assuming that that the big 'I' have done something wrong in Word (tho' I have had a spot of bother with Word / Formatting - which I thought was fixed).
Your method seems to work & I'll have to use it - but:
1/ it dosn't cure the fault,,,
2/ how does that method differ to cut'n'paste ?

thanks again for your help,,,, at least i'll be able to carry on with word instead of Open Office.

I won't click Resolved just yet, Justin Case someone comes up with the cure.


  DieSse 23:25 21 Oct 2008

I think you may have inadvertently used the Object Packager. I just tried it, and although in Word2000 it isn't exactly as you describe it, it does make a permanent change to embedded pictures to a text reference, rather than display the actual picture.

Try the help first, for converting embedded objects - because in my version it's a bit difficult to grasp what to do - and your version may be simpler (I hope).

I was beginning to wonder whether I could even get back to normal behaviour at one stage!

  Furkin 23:50 21 Oct 2008

DIESSE: Cheers again:
My MS-Word is v2002.
If I highlight the {EMBED PHOTOSHOP.IMAGE.7\s} & click ctrl+shift+F9 it works.

Like Pinemans suggestion, this also enables me to carry on,,,, but dosn't cure the problem.

When I 'Cut' in Photoshop (I use ctrl+C) it obviously picks up the right information as:
a/ it opens normally in OpenOffice (I usually use ctrl+V)
b/ if it didn't carry the right data, it wouldn't open when pressing ctrl+shift+F9.

more food for thought,,,,,mmmmm,,,,,

  Furkin 10:53 24 Oct 2008

just to add to this post,

I was just writing a page of text to fax to someone & I added my e-mail address at the bottom - ?????@?????.com.

When I went to print/fax it, I noticed that it now showed 'formatting' & now reads:
{hyperlink-mailto: ?????@?????.com}

Same curly brackets etc.

Does this give a clue as to what might be happening ?

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