another epson printer or not

  malgall 22:25 20 Jun 2008

i own a epson r300 printer my 4th epson
but it has stop printing two of the six colours
ink is level is ok looks like the nozzles blocked
have a few things to try
but with all the head cleaning nozzle checks
i might try another maybe a HP and print nozzle are on the ink tanks
i do not use the printer that much

you advice please

  woodchip 22:31 20 Jun 2008

Good Idea, unless you bought a Laser, they do not use ink I have a Epson RX620 Muli Function Photo printer, a Samsung Mono Laser for text, and a Epson C1100 Colour Laser that will print Photos or Text

  jolorna 22:33 20 Jun 2008

i had a epson r300 but as soon as i used a cloned ink and it blocked up and i spent more time and ink cleaning it than actuall use as i do very little printing the only ink that hasn't caused a problem is black so now it just gets used for that

  Stuartli 23:25 20 Jun 2008

I have had an Epson R300 for two and a half years - I never switch it off and have no problems with wasted ink or printing, whether text or photographs.

This is with compatible inkjet cartridges that cost me just over £4 for the complete set of six...:-)

  jolorna 00:22 21 Jun 2008

maybe that is the secret to not having blocked heads

  rdave13 00:29 21 Jun 2008

Never ever switch off a printer and always leave it on auto standby. Stuff the green party as this will expand the longevity of the said peripheral; hence less junk to dispose of...

  Acx 01:08 21 Jun 2008

I have An HP at the moment and had an Epsom before that, I found there was very little difference between the two (for someone who just wants to print the odd letter here or there).

I only went for the HP, as it was on offer at Argos at the time, replacement cartridges seemed a reasonable price compared to the rest and you only need two cartridges- black and colour (why mess about with six cartridges if you 'do not use the printer that much'.

One thing I would never get again is a printer that feeds the paper from above (as opposed to a tray below) you seem to get no end of paper jams with them.

  Acx 01:27 21 Jun 2008

To add to the above comment by Stuartli, I very rarely switch mine off either (but there again then I rarely switch anything off, not just printers) .

  100andthirty 08:16 21 Jun 2008

try the Canon Pixma iP4500; never had any problems with blocked cartridges, but always use originals, not compatibles

  jack 08:38 21 Jun 2008

Blocked heads in your Epson, here is a simple device you can make your self to free them off.
The secret is of course not to let the thing 'dry out'
Print a colourful something every couple of days- especially in centrally heater cooler months
Here is the gadget

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

Never switching the machine off as recommended saves many clean routines of course and therefore ink but will not prevent a head block.
Indeed it may be a contributory factor- The heads don't get cleaned so often.

  FatboySlim71 08:50 21 Jun 2008

I had a number of Epson printers but I found them very problematic with clogged heads, I will add that the printer was regulary used so it is not a case of me getting clogged heads through lack of use.

Also with Epson printers, everytime it is switched on it draws ink out of the cartridge, so basically you are using a small amount of ink each time you switch the printer on.

After the trouble with my last printer I decided to give HP a try and this was a very good decision, the HP Photosmart C3180 that I purchased has never let me down nor have I had to clean the printheads (something I had to do regular with the Epson and in the process use more ink than enough!).

You are right that most if not all HP cartridges have the printheads built into the cartridge, this is why I think I have had ZERO printing problems with my HP printer, I have also found as well that the print quality FAR EXCEEDS that of any other printer I have owned.

The only downside I have with my printer is the cost of ink, you have to remember that with the printhead built into the cartridge, this will increase the cost of the cartridge. I have just purchased a black and a colour cartridge for my printer from click here and it cost me £25, personally though I don't find this too expensive compared to some other makes of printers, also the inks I got for £25 are original HP inks. You can buy compatible inks but I do not recommend them as the ones I got once did not show the ink levels, also the compatibles are very little if any cheaper.

You mention that you do not use your printer much, so I don't think that cost will be an issue as you won't be buying inks that often thats if you did decide to get an HP printer.

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