Another Digital Camera question

  christmascracker 19:22 17 Jul 2003

As some of you may know I'm going to British GP on sunday. When taking pictures outside will it be ok to take pictures without the flash or will I need it on?

I usually keep the flash on auto but will I really need it?

I havn't taken a lot of photo's outside hense the question

Thank you

  -pops- 19:30 17 Jul 2003

No need for the flash outside - it will just waste battery power.


  barrie_g 19:32 17 Jul 2003

The flash on any camera is only effective up to 10-15 feet this is regardless of it being digital or film so there will be no need to have the flash on, even if you did it would be very doubtful if you would notice any difference.

For the best possible pictures try to positon yourself so that the sun will be behind you as much as possible during the time that you will be taking the pictures so that as much light as possible is reflected off the object and down the lens of the camera, this will also help prevent the camera over compensating for a very bright background.

  christmascracker 19:33 17 Jul 2003

That was quick!!

Thank you both

  -pops- 19:54 17 Jul 2003

You're welcome!!

  christmascracker 19:59 17 Jul 2003

This forum's great me thinks!!

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