Another boot problem

  exdragon 10:32 23 Dec 2009

Hi - usual scenario, PC fine last night, this morning - nothing, no beep. We switched off the main power and turned it on again and got the normal Asus screen, (I did get a shorter beep than normal) followed by Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk.

I used the bootable Acronis disk but when the option came to load Windows, it didn't. I then tried the Acronis recovery option. I browsed to the back up but all the disk letters have been changed. For example, my back up is on an an external drive T, while the System disk should be C, but is showing as being D.

It's picking up the back up from L (which I don't have) and tries to load the System backup onto drive D. I've never had to use Acronis to reload the C drive - will it end up in the right place?

It can't be a PSU problem, can it, if I can get this far?

It's Windows XP, SP2, and the MB is Asus M3N-HD/HDMI

  canarieslover 10:45 23 Dec 2009

First thing to try is motherboard battery. If it is dead then bios will not autodetect the hard drive though it should say System Disk Not Found. Do you have your hard drive partitioned as C: & D:? Is the back-up on your external drive a clone or a compressed back-up? If it is a clone you may be able to take it out of the case and fit it in the computer and fit your computer hard drive in the external case to see if you can recover data.

  exdragon 10:47 23 Dec 2009

Ive got the system and programmes on C (not partitioned) and two separate internal drives F and G for my data and photographs. The back up was made using Acronis disk back up, and not compressed.

  exdragon 10:52 23 Dec 2009

Got to go off to track down the sprouts....I'm not ignoring anyone!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:12 23 Dec 2009

Make sure you do not have any disks in drives and unplug all USB devices (printers scanners card readers external drives)

Retry the Boot

if still same Go into BIOS and see if it is detecting all your hard drives

Make sure that DVD drive is first boot device and HHD second disable all other boot devices.

save and exit and retry to boot from HDD.

  woodchip 14:27 23 Dec 2009

It does sound like may be a Jumper and CMOS battery problem

  exdragon 14:52 23 Dec 2009

Fruit Bat /\0/\ - I'll get my other half to give that a go as soon as he recovers from what he insists is swine flu!

In the meantime, I think I may ignore the blasted thing and just use the laptop for the time being.

The cmos battery is on the motherboard, isn't it? If so, there shouldn't be a problem, as it's a new board.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:06 23 Dec 2009

Yes cmos battery is on motherboard but they can loose charge quite quickly especially if machine is often left disconnected or switched off at mains socket

  exdragon 09:23 05 Jan 2010

Sorry to resurrect this again, but I had my pc looked at by the people who put it together. It turned out that the boot order was wrong. However, the fault occurred after it had been switched off at night (ok) and turned on the following morning (faulty). My other half checked the BIOS and it was correct as per the manual,in the right order.

The inference was that the boot order couldn't change itself, and that either I must have done it (I didn't) or that the Acronis CD changed it. Bearing in mind that I didn't know what to do with the Acronis disk, so just looked at it and then took it out, is it just one of life's little mysteries?,

  woodchip 10:26 05 Jan 2010

Don't think that Acronis did it I have used it since I don't know when.

I think the have told you some Twaddell to cover up a problem the put right

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