another boot problem

  loser7 20:35 23 Jul 2007

Im trying to fix a pc that will not boot up.
When i start it up it does not power up the monitor, although it does sound as if it is running ok. The monitor is in good working order as is the graphics card i have checked all connections and there is no beep codes when it starts up. Also when i hit the reset button sometimes just for a few seconds the green light on monito will appear then disapear again. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  skidzy 20:40 23 Jul 2007

You have tried the monitor in another pc ?
Have you changed the graphics card to rule this out ?

Remove one stick of ram and try again,then alternate between the ram modules.

Check all fans are spinning and free of dust and grime etc...

  SANTOS7 20:40 23 Jul 2007

NO BEEPS suggests No Power, Loose Card, or Short.

Could be PSU related..

  SANTOS7 20:41 23 Jul 2007

Hey skidzy, you handsome devil you...

  skidzy 20:48 23 Jul 2007

Why thanyou Santos :-)) you seen the pic then ha ha.
Not so bad yourself,guess you read my last posting over there then ?

  SANTOS7 20:51 23 Jul 2007

that i did, we digress, sorry loser7, there are some things to try which may narrow down your problem..

  woodchip 21:12 23 Jul 2007

No beeps could also mean there is no internal speaker. AS I have a Medion XP desktop like that. But it does sound like a PSU problem

  Quiet Life 23:04 23 Jul 2007

A lot of PCs do not have a separate system speaker. The motherboards have a piezo-quartz device whose sole function is to sound the bios bleeps at boot-up. One bleep everything OK . No bleep likely fault with PSU, Motherboard or Processor. I had similar problem and went through the changing RAM ,testing PSU and by luck found that the connectors to the PSU on the motherboard had developed a dry joint. Wedging a piece of rubber in to put the joint under pressure was tried as a temporary expedient. Six months later still working. PSU can be tested but if motherboard or CPU the problem I believe substitution the only way to test.

  loser7 22:22 26 Jul 2007

I have tried the monitor its works fine and so does the graphics card.
If this was a fault with the psu would the computer still boot up? (once or twice it has) The internal fan seems to working ok.
Last time i tried to start it up everything seemed to work ok until i was just about to log into admin then the monitor switched back to stand-by and it was gone again.

  skidzy 22:37 26 Jul 2007

Sounds like psu or mobo fault,now you have eliminated the graphics card and ram.

  Strawballs 22:38 26 Jul 2007

Could be the PSU failing try unplugging everything except memory CPU and graphics just to see if it will show post screen if it does then it is not MoBo and PSU not delivering enough power to run everything.

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