another beginner, also basic...

  Luminaria 17:42 22 Nov 2005

Confused? that's me. Trikie, I think you are very brave with what you are trying to do!

I'm trying to make a fairly basic website, using Serif at the mo, also trying CoffeeCup and Nvu. They each have their pros and cons. I'm planning to put quite a few photographs on the site.

I'm very confused about FTP and hosting and all the rest, so my questions are:

What comes first? do I register a domain name, or get a hosting service, or get an FTP whatever it is, or is there some way of getting everything done by one service?

How much compressing should I do to the photographs so that they still look ok? I'm trying to keep them below 20KB but in the previews some of them appear so pixellated as to be almost incomprehensible.

Great forum, I'm learning just from reading all your helpful messages.

  mco 17:57 22 Nov 2005

There are various ways - maybe the simplest would be to get a hosting company that includes getting the domain name for you as part of its package - one stop shop! There are lots to choose from and they all have their advantages. I'm not plugging any - I use Lycos for one and Webmania for another and I know some on here use 1&1. For ftp'ing you need ftp software - you can either download a free one or again, some hosting companies include one in their package or you can buy them fairly cheaply.

  mco 18:00 22 Nov 2005

what are you using for your photos?

  Luminaria 11:41 23 Nov 2005


Thank you for the info. I will get started on trying to DO something about all this.

Photos: I'm using the software that came with the computer, Microsoft Picture It, which is fairly basic but seems ok for what I am doing. So far. The main adjustments I have made is compressing, so that instead of the photo size showing up as 600+ KB, it is 20KB or less. I read somewhere that over 20KB photos take ages to appear on the site, but seems to me they need to be bigger? fatter? whatever, in order to make visual sense.

  Luminaria 11:44 23 Nov 2005

Fourm Member - Thank you for that. I'll have a go. I have been thinking of KB sizes and, as mentioned, trying to keep them 20KB or less, but this is resulting in smudgies. So, I will get into Picture It and have another try at adjusting things.

  Luminaria 11:22 24 Nov 2005

Fourm Member - Thank you again. There will be a fair number of pictures. I'm a potter and will be showing my work. I thought of doing a page with probably 8 or 10 thumbnails, then click on one to get larger image, probably in separate window, which I have seen on other people's sites. That should save some KB space, shouldn't it? Lots of larger pictures on one page will probably defeat anyone with better things to do.

  mco 16:44 24 Nov 2005

If you're going to be showing a lot of photos you could download one of the free galleries around - that might make it easier to present your pictures and display them?

  Luminaria 18:10 24 Nov 2005

Oo, another new thing to learn, how exciting, I think. Picture galleries? Do you mean like Flickr? Or do you mean some other thing that I don't know about - yet? I have already put some photos on Flickr, but I think of that more like a handy notebook to jot things down.

Sorry to be so vague, this is all fairly new to me!

  mco 22:19 24 Nov 2005

forum member I think she said she's (or I think he said he's - not sure!) using picture 1t - which I don't know about. Lumiaria: Someone once recommended B-Gallery as a good free gallery - free if you don't have more than 8 images to an album - but not too expensive anyway otherwise. Its advantage is it has some nice tutorials to guide you step by step to publishing via ftp which you said you were confused about. Anyway, just a thought for when you are up and running.

  Luminaria 10:45 25 Nov 2005

Thank you Fourm Member John and MCO, from a female confused person. Picture-It came with the Microsoft package when I bought the compooter, it adjusts brightness and contrast etc, crops, usual (I think) things, and it reduces the file sizes.

My next step is - er, figuring out the next step. One thing I've learned is that every time I learn something, it leads to some other new thing. Good exercise for the brain I spose.

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