Another anti-spyware tool for 2K/XP

  Skyver 01:06 05 Jan 2006

click here

Found it while checking out new stuff here click here - they list loads of different apps but seem to have high standards, going by past experience.
I installed and ran a `Smart` scan, it picked up a few things that have long been uninstalled (which Ewido and MS Antispyware also catch), but I don't have anything significant for it to clean up so it's not a very good indication of it's effectiveness.

Similar interface to MS Antispyware.

Opinions welcome...

  €dstowe 06:46 05 Jan 2006

I've been using this for several months now (I think I was led to it from these columns but I can't find the reference).

I find it very good but it does need to be used in conjunction with other, similar, applications to give the best overall performance.

  rawprawn 11:00 05 Jan 2006

Thanks for that, it looks interesting.Although I am running it now and it has found "Hijacker Adultlinks.A" but it has found this in site relating to NHS Direct ! None of my other spyware programs have come up with this, it seems strange.

  Totally-braindead 11:23 05 Jan 2006

Thanks for that I see its still a Beta but I'll give it a go and see what it finds.

  [email protected] 11:34 05 Jan 2006

Thanks for the info. Just ran it and it picked up stuff my other malware finders did'nt : Adware.DAP and P2P.eDonkey

  johnnyrocker 11:40 05 Jan 2006

could someone advise which product is the one to go for please?


  Shortstop 11:44 05 Jan 2006

Like you say, similar interface to MS Antispyware has auto-update facilty and can run in the background on startup just the same.

Just one thing though it has found 2 threats but not removed them - how do I remove or see what these are?



  Shortstop 11:47 05 Jan 2006

Sorted - using quick scan, not dvanced scan.

It found 2 traces that I thought I had removed with Spybot about 2 months ago! seems good at the moment.


  rawprawn 11:49 05 Jan 2006

I think you need to click on View/Advanced, it shows the result and where the spyware is. It also gives you the option to remove, quarantine, or leave alone.

  GroupFC 12:12 05 Jan 2006

Bookmarked - for when I get home!

  sunny staines 16:41 05 Jan 2006

which of links is the program being discussed?

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