Anooying sound from computer

  Joe Moe 18:46 24 Apr 2006

Purchased a computer from Mesh with on board sound
after one week I going mad the sound is constantly going like a brrrrr sound tried to reinstall drivers no luck change speakers same problem
as I did not take on site warranty they wont me to send it back, cant afford to waist the time need the machine for my business.

  mentalguy66 18:57 24 Apr 2006

it sounds to me as if your sound card is faulty. get in contact with Mesh and tell them your prob, they should be able to arrange a replacement sound card, or if it isn't the sound card, even a new PC...

  mentalguy66 19:02 24 Apr 2006

after having thought about this again, i think that there might be a conflict with another hardware device that could be causing the strange behaviour. try going into Device Manager, un-installing the speakers COMPLETELY from there, and unplugging the speakers. then, plug everything back in and re-install the device. if this doesn't work, check that you don't have floppy discs or any other magnetic object near the speakers, as this can cause speaker malfunction. you may also have a dodgy speaker port. get someone you know who knows alot about hardware and ask them to check it out. hope this helped.

  chub_tor 19:09 24 Apr 2006

If it's on board sound you can't change the sound card.
Is it definitely coming from the speakers i.e. if you turn them off or disconnect them does the sound go away?
"Tried to reinstall drivers no luck" does this mean that you succeeded in changing the driver and there was no difference or that you failed to change the driver?
Brrrrr sounds like 50Hz mains hum, check the lead from your DVD/CD drive to the connector on the mother board to see if the connection is good. You might just check that the earth is good on your power supply lead.

  Joe Moe 20:18 24 Apr 2006

ts is probally not the speakers because i tried a diffrent speakersvset and had the same problam

I reinstalled the drivers supplied by mesh and installed fine but there was no change in the problem

thr brr is olny when i am listing to the radio or a cd or anything alike if i dont start any player there is no sound

how would i check the earth have others [printers etc] connected to it and are fine

  chub_tor 11:49 25 Apr 2006

If you have any kind of continuity meter you can uplug the power cord at the mains socket and check between the earth pin and the metal box of the computer power supply or the metal of the case - assuming that it is metal. It is highly unlikely that the problem is there but it is worth checking.
Otherwise you will have to open the case and look inside at the lead that runs from the motherboard to either your CD of DVD player. Check that both ends are firmly attached - they could have come loose in transit. If the lead is secure then it is unlikely to be a mechanical fault and mentalguy66 advice regarding positioning of the speakers near objects which are radiating hum is very valid. Try moving the speakers well away from the display and the PC and see if the brrr reduces.

  mentalguy66 21:42 29 Apr 2006

cheers :D

  Joe Moe 17:08 01 May 2006

Dont know what i did did a few system restores resatr and it working fine thanks anyway to all of you

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