Annoying small windows

  MisterPaul 09:01 17 Jan 2004

I have got myself into the situation where, whenever I ctrl+N to open another window in explorer, it opens as a small one. I can't remember how to get the window to automatically open at its biggest! Someone told me to hold down alt as I close a maximised window, but this doesn't seem to help.

Any advice?

Thanks, Paul

  Falkyrn 09:10 17 Jan 2004

Before closing the window try dragging it using the mouse to the size you want rather than using the minimise or maximise buttons and then close it .... windows should (in theory) remember the size setting and reopen at the new size

  Big Elf 11:12 17 Jan 2004

When I do what Falkyrn advises I also hold down the 'Ctrl' key and click the x in the top right for it to remember the setting.

  Richard Madeley 13:35 17 Jan 2004

The only way that works is to open one of your small windows then close all other windows except the small one. Use the edge bars to make it the desired size (don't use maximize), then close the window using the Close command in the File menu.

Bingo Baggins!

  Djohn 14:10 17 Jan 2004

This is a question that comes up on a regular basis in the forum. Yes, you can open a window and then drag it to fit the screen, but then you have lost the facility to adjust your window sizes by using the buttons top right of window.

The method I use is to open a new window and if it opens in the "Reduced" size, I drag it to a reasonable size to be readable/usable. In my case about a quarter size of the screen.

If I want full screen for say in this forum, I click on the "Maximise button" all other windows that open when clicking on links or using google to search will open at the reduced size. This way I can always see the main PCA page behind the new window.

Using this method, I can have several windows open at the same time and each one is fully visible. If I need to enlarge one of them, just click on "Maximise", read, then reduce back to size, and close.

If you want your first window of the day or each boot to open at maximum, then make sure you close down at that setting. If you close down at a reduced size, the next time you open it will be at the reduced size, even in the same position on screen.

While I'm typing this reply, I have PCA open at full screen another forum at reduced size and Google at reduced size. Three windows open and all fully usable. j.

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