Annoying problem

  walesrob 18:57 26 Nov 2007

Having trouble with a webpage show a vertical line in some browsers, but not others. The offending page is: click here

Now, on my laptop with 1024 x 768 resolution on FF, I can see a gray-ish line running down near the lefthand margin side of the page (it starts after "Licensed until 10pm."). Now my younger brother can also see it on his PC, also a 1024 x 768 on IE7, BUT my desktop using the same resolution and screen size and in IE7 does NOT show it.

Is this just a simple browser problem, or is it something in the coding? I've inherited this website and I'm totally php-ignorant, I'm using FP2003 to edit the page.

  beynac 20:06 26 Nov 2007

You've got a table with a background image: <table align="left" background="index.php_files/nav_back.gif" border="0" height="594" width="58%">

I think you'll find that that 'background' is not a valid attribute within 'table'. If you delete that, the line disappears. Some browsers are rendering and some aren't. I can't understand the reason why two IE browsers should be different though!

  walesrob 20:35 26 Nov 2007

Thanks beynac, thats done the trick!

  beynac 20:50 26 Nov 2007

You're welcome!

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